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Discussion Problema l2 off!!

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Hi, I've been looking for info on these 2 things and I did not find much. The first topic is more logical and the other is unknown.

1) First of all, I have added the buff Chant Of Victory and it works perfectly. The problem is that when I add it to the Buffer, it does not work for me. I took out the requirement of spirit ore and I could not make it walk either. What problem can it be?

2) I made some new mobs taking the FOG ashuras as a reference. My doubt is that I still have not found out how to make them passive and that they do not attack when passing by. I tried to lower the agro range, but that's not it.





hola, he estado buscando info sobre estas 2 cosas y no encontre mucho. El primer tema es mas logica y el otro si desconozco.

1) En primer instancia, yo tengo agregado el buff Chant Of Victory y anda perfectamente. El problema es que cuando lo agrego al Buffer, no me funciona. Le saque el requerimiento de spirit ore y tampoco lo pude hacer andar. Que problema puede ser??

2) Hice unos mobs nuevos tomando como referencia los ashuras de FOG. Mi duda es que todavia no encontre como hacerlos pasivos y que no ataquen al pasar por al lado. He probado bajar el agro range, pero no es eso.


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what pack are you using?


to make a mob passive you either edit the AI class directly or add an extra parameter in npcdata {[IsAggressive]=0} in the npc_ai field

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2 hours ago, sepultribe said:

¿Qué paquete estás usando?


para hacer que un mob pasivo edite directamente la clase AI o agregue un parámetro adicional en npcdata {[IsAggressive] = 0} en el campo npc_ai

Listo, ya pude solucionar eso. Solo cree una nueva clase en el AI y lo deje en el area de mobs pasivos. 


Ready, I could solve that. Just create a new class in the AI and leave it in the area of passive mobs.

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cov wont work in buffer  unless you create a cov CLONE as is you must make custom ID

modify client and make all that is need in skilldata  skillpch  and ai.obj

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