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Server Online from half an hour!


Bonuses for the first 8h after Official Start:

Global Buff for every player:

  • +50% EXP Bonus
  • +50% Adena Bonus
  • +50%HP and MP Regen
  • +7% Atk. Spd and Cast. Spd


  • Champion Mobs will drop 2 Champion's Coins instead of 1



Ps. Some moderators? How come some other servers have topic ont in preview and didn't even started? 

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Unfortunately, not bugs, errors or anything technical but lack of advertisements forced us to freeze the life server. Tomorrow server will be offline and Project - Chimera will be developed futher, with the full advertisements and hopefuly we will meet again in a couple of months. Big Thans to all of you who participated in the Beta stages - your rewards are also freezed and you will get them back when Server will be online again.


@Moderators, move the topic back to Preview section again please.

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To be honest I believe that the mutant scheme did more harm than good for the project. 


Stacksubs is niche market as it is, but with the race-only restrictions there have been successful projects in the past. I remember old DN or L2Frintezza had large numbers in them, but this is going back nearly a decade ago. 


If you're still keen on stacksubs (which I do enjoy), I would recommend that you use the race-only restriction for stacksubs, and not include any possible way to mutate. Combos like Domi/ES are just a bit too out there.  


I would look into doing the following scheme: 



retail sub+stacksub 


Or even just main+stacksub and that's it (depending on rates). 


Advertisement is also important, but speaking as someone who enjoys stacksubs servers I was pushed away by the mutant inclusion. Anyhow, best of wishes to your server. 

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It's not really, only, the advertisement. It's really hard for a new server to get people, to create a community. There is way too much servers and so, people divide. Only old, known servers which have already a community, can get people. Yet they die quick as well.


Plus, with free classic server, it's even worse.


So, even if they invest into advertisement, that will change strictly nothing.

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