WTS SGuard Protection & Dev[Stay Home - Stay Safe!][8/4]

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50 minutes ago, Celestine said:

idk about smartguard or SGuard ActiveAntiCheat is the quality now in the market blocking everything tried using adernaline on AAC and didnt even worked but yeah rumors are rumors.. and btw not Advertising just saying the facts.

I had heard the same for strix guard the same a year ago anyway 



I had use s guard at 2017 and the main problem was  the problem of connection since anti viruses delete their files.. losing like 5% of ppl for sure 

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Nobody is lying to anybody, we got a large client base that either OK with the quality or can pay for additional services.


With regards to people who block everything via driver etc. Adrenaline bypasses drivers, he became a bit lazy that is true, however those who claim 'block' them on-the-fly (i.e block access) or 1 window will work, is just showing that they have some sort of agreement. For some that may be enough - for us is a matter of principal that we don't deal with anybody.


You may speculate but I can guarantee most of you that you know little to nothing what is happening behind the scenes.

As for trojans and other bull, for god sake, we got a MS certification. Its not funny anymore.


We can't be good for everybody, some admins wants stuff for little or no price at all. That is life and people are divided in their opinions and I respect that.

You should go to l2oops or l2on or facebook and etc. and argue about their prices, you can't and won't do that and you spend thousands of dollars there however customer acquisition is extremely out of margin.


We work for customers with customers. If you don't like our approach then don't buy our services.

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