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[L2J] L2 Mythras

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5 minutes ago, Mythras said:

i cannot answer you beacause you are sure before you test them :)

any answer is worthless cause you are sure

first time files = most bugged files ever, so what? :D 

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4 hours ago, adidaskipowah said:

ez katka im on pc now so no lags

ok, just contact me at skype when log xd 

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1 minute ago, adidaskipowah said:

prepare your anus

im out today, tomorrow we can rekt betka , but im sure there wont be more than 10 ppl xd

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17 hours ago, Mythras said:

Our Beta system is Ready for Download

from our Website
Beta Opening Friday 27/07 at 21:00 GMT +3



como tem coragem de usar site dos outros sem permição, BRASILEIRO SAFADO rippando meu site que nem foi usado ainda feito pelo Strain.


E muita cara de pau mesmo gente safada...


não joguem este servidor pois o dono é safado e corrupto!




as you have the courage to use others' site without permission, BRASILEIRO SAFADO ripping my site that neither was used yet made by Strain.

And a lot of guy face, same dirty people ...

do not play this server because the owner is naughty and corrupt!

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    • Who can tell me how i can edit npc enchant with different enchant? i mean i have one npc for max enchant +150. This item need to be +0 to enchant it. and i want the secound one to be from 150 (not from +0) to +300.  Now, the problem is it in .JAVA file. How i can duplicate npc to work both? I can change just id? (i try this and doesn;t work). Thank's
    • Some words about your ideas:   You are moving wrong.   Players in 2k18 wont see the details you mentioned. What they need?   30 minutes to get S grade 2 days to get max enchant play until become hero (no worries about olympiad system if its good or not) move to another server. They wont look if your project is aCis or frozen They wont prefer your server instead of 'mine' cause of your olympiad. They wont share your website link because of those ideas.   You can add whatever you want inside, the way you described the oly seems good but do not even add it as a feature or what ever.   Why should you focus on olympiad balance since all those years they learned an unbalanced olympiad?     Do you think that all your effort - money will be a good idea for them?     Some words about the team you looking for:   Do not search for people by doing thins. By saying your idea is just a terrible thing that will brake all the things you have in your head. why? because:   A l2dev wont even read what you wrote up there A wannabe admin that do not know what 'code' means , he will agree but guess what. He wont even give you a good idea for you just because he isnt in your head and he will just want to 'part of the X project' A single person who looking for a guy to open a server is just ... NO... get real...   By saying what you want to do, you are not getting what exactly you need, you are actually seem like a guy who wants 1-2 people to give some money for you.    Just make a classic interlude AT FEATURES (you know what i mean) , add what ever code comes in your mind and then, find a good and trusted guy to be a partner. 
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