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8 hours ago, vampir said:

Humble? You? :D


On the topic: You could wait 3-4 months for my pack to be available


Quote me then. And good luck finding it. I only react when there is a free attack on my person.


Got 2 shady guys using my pack as their own private sources and one dude who doesn't hesitate to leak sources when he is angry speaking about my own behavior, that's funny.


Use L2J IL as base sources and make something from it, maybe you will understand. Until then I got nothing to say to you.


I got 114 customers set up to rev 380 actually. I got nothing to prove. Not sure why EVERYTIME there is such a topic, people considers a good thing to attack my own person.


I leave the topic, gl.

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20 hours ago, .Elfocrash said:

If it was free it probably wouldn't be good. Developers lose motivation if the ROI or the attention they get isn't there.

Look at Tryskell.


PS: I'm not saying free things cannot be better that paid ones. It's just the L2 community mentality that says the opposite.


True story.

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