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Hello Folks,


Me and some friends we open that project running L2j Rebellion Latest Updated Files (for those who will ask about files) Server it is very stable with everything work.


Note: Server is not for those who want to rule and burn his mind... most of players are old who have families with kids and want just to bot free around and do their fun. if you want to rule and burn out there is alot of other servers here on mxc so you can join them. This server is for Bot Lovers and for those who dont have much time to spend for a game.


You can Read the Follow info Here:


...::::::::::: SERVER INFORMATIONS :::::::::::...

...::::::::::: RATES SERVER :::::::::::...
Rate Experience Points = 1x
Rate Experience Points = 5x (Silver Account) (You Get From Events)
Rate Experience Points = 10x (Gold Account) (You Get From Events)
Rate Skill Points = 1x
Rate Skill Points = 5x (Silver Account)
Rate Skill Points = 10x (Gold Account)
Rate Adena = 1x
Rate Adena = 5x (Silver Account)
Rate Adena = 10x (Gold Account)
Drop Item Crafter = 1x
Drop Item Crafter = 5x (Silver Account)
Drop Item Crafter = 10x (Gold Account)

...::::::::::: ENCHANT SERVER :::::::::::...
Safe Enchant = +4
Max Enchant Weapon = +16
Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +16
Scroll Enchant = Chance of success varied enchantment!
Blessed Enchant = 70% chance of success

...::::::::::: REWARDS & EVENTS :::::::::::...
TvT Adv. Event = Random 10-20 Festival Adena
Zombies Event = Random 10-20 Festival Adena
BF Event = Random 10-20 Festival Adena

Events Start Every 1 Hour

Festival Adena Use to buy items from Trader and Get Silver or Premium Account for Free.

...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::...
Olympiads 100%
Castle Siege 100%
Seven Signs 100%
Duel System 100%
Hero System 100%
.fp = Command to find Party Member
.cfg to open your char configuration
.siege to view the sieges dates
TvT System 100%
CTF System 100%
DM System 100%
All Balanced Classes 100% Retail


Note: Server cost to me very low budget (25 euro/month) so there is no reason to close it after 1-2-3-4 months.


Website is: http://www.la2war.eu


Contact Email: la2war.eu@gmail.com (Contact me for anything you want to ask about it)


Forum will be on next fiew days.


I hope to see online old nicknames and old players who really love this game!


CyA in Game Folks!


BTW, sorry for my English, im Greek Guy. So you get the point at least...!


Edited by 'Baggos'

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good luck la2war. i am testing it right now and until this time everything  works perfect. I love your infos in your site. 

System patch, Client Patch and Adrenaline. jaja.

Again good luck to this project.

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Hello Dear Azizka15,


You can easy do the server rates if you wish x5 or x10 by free without any donate. Just be active at Events to colect Festival Adena and get Premium Account Silver (x5 all stats) or Gold Account (x10 all stats)


I Hope to see you in game very soon.

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