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WTS - EE 71lvl 10%, 0PK

52 x normal exp scrolls

14 x medium exp scrolls

30 x high exp scrolls

6 x 2h rune 100%

21 x rice cake of fighting spirit

1.93 kkk exp in scrolls from arena



BW robe set +0

Ecliptic axe with ISS 7

Zubei Shield

BO/phoenix jewelry

Bracelet of duty lvl 3

dyes wit +4 con +4


On the same account are also:

- Sorcerer 42lvl for AQ


karmian set

jewelry C/D grade

- Destroyer 46lvl


FP Set

Dwarven Hammer +3 with Othell 6

some C/D jewelry 

- Orc Monk 32lvl


I can sell account with equipment or without it. I am its original owner, character has good reputation and I can totally recommend it because EE class is so cool. 

PM offers and say if you want it with EQ or without it.


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