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L2JEnterprise Private

Requirements: JDK8, MYSQL

Admin acc  - login: admin pass: admin
ID Coin of Luck - 9213
ID Bloody Paagrio - 4358
ID FA - 6673



1. In the server-side \ sql folder in the .bat files, specify the path to your database, the name of the bd and run it.

2. Copy the client-side content to the lineage 2 interlude client folder.

3. In the configs of login \ config, gameserver \ config, specify the name, login and password of the database.

4. Start the server and L2.exe.

5. To enable all the quests, copy the contents of server-side \ gameserver \ data \ xml \ scripts (original) .xml to server-side \ gameserver \ data \ xml \ scripts.xml


  1. Event manager with two unique events
  2. Menu (Premium account, ACP, events, stop the experience, bind the account to ip or HWID).
  3. Auction.
  4. Full buff with sets of buffs.
  5. Class master, Noblesse.
  6. Full shop with weapons, armor from D to S grade, accessories, jewelry and so on.
  7. Added a set of armor and weapons, jewelry and accessories.
  8. Donate Shop.
  9. Global Gatekeeper.
  10. NPC to change the name of the character.
  11. NPC to change the color of the nickname and title.
  12. Raid boss informer.
  13. Farm area.
  14. Premium account.
  15. Offline trading.
  16. Champions.
  17. Choose the period of the Olympiad is a week or a month.
  18. Phantoms and chat bots that allow you to visually increase online.


Protection of the game server:

  1. Encryption of traffic allows to avoid violation of the integrity of packets (for each client I can offer a unique key and algorithm for encryption of traffic).
  2. Hardware ID of the player will allow you to track and ban violators.
  3. Administrator alerts and disconnect when trying to log in from the Adrenalin pop-up bot.


Chat commands:

  1. .menu - player menu.
  2. .help 
  3. .join - event join
  4. .leave - leave event
  5. .info - event info.
  6. .expoff 
  7. .expon 
  8. .acp - auto combat points CP/HP/MP.
  9. .offline - offline trade.
  10. .ghost - put a ghost.


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10 hours ago, Designatix said:

Try now. There was a problem with permissions

im try but download 6,50 - 5mb canceled.

is still in trouble, when it is close to finishing the download and canceled or does not come any file is completely bug! :dunno:

it would be essential to boot into some servers MEGA,mediafire


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