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interlude [L2OFF] L2Osiris


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Dear Players,


L2 Orisis Starting a new journey after 2 years. Our server have one of the best l2off files!! We open Interlude PTS server no costums x50 XP/SP and x10 Adena/Drops/Spoil. Live this adventure with us , we promise you Stability, Fun, PvP and top DDos Protection! Join Us ... 



18 May 2018



Experience (EXP): x50

Skill Points (SP): x50

Adena: x10

Drop Items: x10

Quest Experience (EXP): x2

Quest Skill Points (SP): x3

Quest Drop Items: x2

Spoil: x10





Safe Enchant: +3

Max. Enchant: +25

Normal Scroll chance: 52%

Blessed Scroll chance: 60%




Buffs, Dances and Songs duration: 1 Hour

Buffs Slots: 24 (20 +4)





Server and Forum Time: GMT +2

Max. Clients per PC: 3

Olympiads Max. Enchant: +6

Olympiads Cycle: 2 Weeks

ANTI-BOT Protection: check.png

Report System: check.png





Sub-Class Max. Level:  80 LvL

Class Master check.png

Offline Shop Mode check.png

Offline Buff Shop Mode check.png

Auto Learn Skills check.png

Auto Loot check.png

Raidboss Respawn Time +/- 2 Hours check.png

Auto TvT/LMS/Korean/CTF Events check.png




Website: http://l2osiris.net
Forum: http://l2osiris.net/forum


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