WTS Proxy slider, new antibot, fake player and other custom service

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HI everyone!

proxy slider - 50$

Fake player - 50$ (not share, and have fake traders, fake craft and other. But pvp wanna to be improved) 

New antibot system like 3St confirm security - I have test server, if you want to test it

And all other service what you want to ur server. Like stats, xml, new addition config, event, service like donate or all customs do you want for you server.

All my modification can being showing in test server. 

Good reputation from other ppl and forums.

My Skype: (attention: fake skype available)

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12 hours ago, Prostyle1990 said:

Hi , do you have fake players for hi5 ? and you have auto donate system for hi5 ?

yes, i have fake players for h5

for auto donate need more information

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New Custom PvP Zone

Settings for zone:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
    <zone id='21028' type='FlagZone' shape='NPoly' minZ='-3250' maxZ='-2600'>
        <stat name='nameEnter' val='Entered to PvP Zone'/> <!-- On Onter Message -->
        <stat name='nameExit' val='Exit PvP Zone'/>   <!-- On Exit Message -->
        <stat name='pvpRewards' val='9142,100,100'/> <!-- PvP Reward id,count,chance -->
        <stat name='forbItems' val='1,2,3,4'/> <!-- Disable items -->
        <stat name='forbSkills' val='1,3,4,5'/> <!-- Disable skills -->
        <stat name='buffs' val='111,2;112,4'/> <!-- Buffs on enter into zone -->
        <stat name='ip' val='true'/> <!-- Check IP -->
        <stat name='hwid' val='true'/> <!-- Check HWID -->
        <stat name='clan' val='true'/> <!-- Check Clan -->
        <stat name='party' val='true'/> <!-- Check Party -->
        <stat name='logoutForb' val='true'/> <!-- Disable Logout -->
        <stat name='summonForb' val='true'/> <!-- Disable Summon -->
        <stat name='mountForb' val='true'/> <!-- Disable Mount -->
        <stat name='requestForb' val='true'/> <!-- Disable Request -->
        <stat name='partyForb' val='true'/> <!-- Disable Party -->
        <stat name='spawnX' val='18719'/> <!-- Coordinates spawn X -->
        <stat name='spawnY' val='145422'/> <!-- Coordinates spawn Y -->
        <stat name='spawnZ' val='-3129'/> <!-- Coordinates spawn Z -->

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11 minutes ago, Prostyle1990 said:

and how that function ?? they run around in town's ? or just sit in town ?

They say PM when Realy players PM fakes, run in town, say words in chats(all, global, trade), enchant weapons, recommend players around, fake traders\craftres(when you have included offline trade in your source)

Use buffs, Fighters/Mages attack but mage attack wanna be improved.

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Its Fake settings.

# Detailed settings: gameserver/config/fake/
# fake_name.txt - available fake names
# fake_obj.txt - available obj fake spam
# fake_title.txt - available titles of fakes
# fake_buffs.txt - available buffs for fakes
# fake_skills.txt - available skills for fakes
# clans.txt - fake clans
# equip.txt - fake clothes
# equip_olympiaders.txt - clothing olympiaders
# equip_traders.txt - clothing traders
# locs_move.txt - movement of fakes by coordinates
# locs_spawn.txt - coordinates of spawn fake players
# locs_traders.txt - coordinates of spawn fake traders
# locs_olympiaders.txt - the coordinates of spawn Olympics
# phrases.txt - player fake phrases
# phrases_olympiaders.txt - fake olympiaders phrases
# phrases_enchant.txt - fake phrases when enchant fail
# phrases_die.txt - Phrase after death
# phrases_pm.txt - response to PM fakes when receiving a PM

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4 hours ago, AchYlek said:

better give buffs for that fake players  ;D 



its use buffs, says, enchant, move at peace zone (for test i deal pvp zone giran, for test pvp skills, farm minions its can do too)

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