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[L2J] Lineage2.com.pl & L2Emi

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On 6/14/2018 at 10:22 PM, SQL Developer said:

Its really the worst server i ever played.

Restarts every hour because of bugs.

Restarts take like 10 mins and some times even 4 hours.

More than 10 bugs  (cant pick up, cant move, cant target mob, cant hit mob, after mob death it stays there until server restart).


Totaly not even worth to visit the website.



There was only one situation from the start when a server was restarted more than once per a few hours so don't lie. 

4 hours maintenance was announced on server forum and in a game before.  

Problem with the pickup was fixed in first days. If you have any problem with in-game bugs such as targeting or moving, make a topic on forum with a screenshot and /loc command. Mod death bug appeared only on VOS and was fixed. 


14 hours ago, Kwlotoumpas said:

Server is a total fail.Shame to me for the money i spent on this server.


Fail because? Tell us what you think is wrong and GMs will fix it. 

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