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L2J Random Zone System

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Greetings cheaters, I have some free time and I decided to make some codes for Marketplace.
I will use the best price that it is based on the time that I spent on each code.


RandomZone System : 15e Paypal

  • Unlimited Maps.
  • Each zone duration can be different.
  • Map priority is Random. (Can be modified if you want)
  • Unlimited Locations for each zone. (This location are used random on Telerport and Raspawn)
  • Configurable auto flag players on enter.
  • Configurable auto nobles effect on enter.
  • Configurable revive players with full CP/HP/MP inside zone.
  • Configurable clean player and summons effects on enter.
  • Configurable unsummon pets on enter.
  • Configurable block partis inside zone.
  • Configurable block trades inside zone.
  • Configurable block private stores inside zone.
  • Configurable block restart inside zone.
  • Configurable block logout inside zone.
  • Configurable reward players for hunting inside zone.
  • Configurable restricted specific classes inside zone.
  • Gatekeeper HTML : Map time left, current zone name, next zone name & players inside map.
  • OnDie inside zone : Using "To Village" to respawn on nearest town/village.
  • OnDie inside zone : Using "Respawn" to respawn on random location inside current map.
  • more comming soon.


Contact via Private Message or Discord : Tony360#6783

  • Any report will be fixed in 24hours (max)
  • All buyers will have any update for free.
  • You can do your own request for code.



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I will need a second comment for incoming updates and because this topic will be transform to List of codes.


Random Zone Manager incoming updates:

  • Hide player names (setting per-map).
  • Max enchant value inside zone (setting per-map).
  • Show next map name on Gatekeepers.
  • List of grades that won't be usable inside zone.
  • List of items that won't be usable inside zone. (can be used for potions and any item)
  • Vote System for next map (Enabled/Disabled).
  • Show votes/per map in HTML.


Incoming Codes:

  • Full ComminityBoard [Interlude]. (design thanks @StinkyMadness) in progress
  • Donate Manager.
  • Achievemets System.
  • Roulette Event.
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I know this guy very well, we was working together.
About tony : Trusted, Skilled, Smart , Friendly and Helpful ^^

Recommended 100%

Good lucky my friend with your sales.

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