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interlude [L2J]Lineage II Network


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WEBSITE: www.l2network.net
FORUM: www.l2network.net/forum




* EXP/SP 9999x
* Adena 9999x
* Drop 9999x

* New characters level 40


* Apella Armor [5% more stats than Draconic/Imperial/DC Robe]
* Dynasty Armor - Heavy [+600 P.atk, +300 P.deff, +300 M.deff, +50 Atk.spd more than Apella Heavy]
* Dynasty Armor - Light [+600 P.atk, +300 P.deff, +300 M.deff, +50 Atk.spd more than Apella Light]
* Dynasty Armor - Robe [+1200 M.atk, +300 P.deff, +300 M.deff, +100 C.spd more than Apella Robe]


Color system:
* 100/500/1000 PvP Kills


Enchant Rates:
* Safe +4
* Blessed and normal scrolls max enchant - +13
* Crystal scrolls max enchant - +18
* Normal scrolls chance - 65%
* Blessed scrolls chance - 90%
* Blessed scroll failure returns +4
* Crystal scrolls chance - +14 to +15 100% | +16 85% | +17 80% | +18 75%
* Crystal Scroll failure lose just enchant.


* High Grade lifestone 10% skill chance
* Top Grade lifestone 15% skill chance
* Olympiad restrictions skills - All passives & Celestial disabled.


* Castles - Giran, Aden, Rune
* Sieges every Saturday for Giran, Aden & Sunday for Rune


Server features:
*  Main towns - Giran, Aden, Rune.
* Stackable items.
* Casino npc manager.
* Wedding system.
* Npc augmention & skill enchanter.
* Npc AIO Buffer.
* Max buffs slot 50.
* Max 5 subclasses.
* No weight limit.
* Npc password change.
* Npc top 15 Pvp/Pk players.
* Offline trade system.
* Free sub & change class.
* TvT Event every 1 hour.
* Auto reward every 40 minutes for online players.
* Champions drop Mystery box with 70% chance.
* Reworked balance. (Not any balancer modification. Only skills balance)


Solo Arena:
* Tower of Insolence got attack from the sky! You should prove your power..
* TOI reward you with 1 High lifestone for every kill inside.
* Restriction for bp/buffer/titan class.


Server Items:
* Farm, Event, Online coins.
* Clan Items. (make your clan full level + clan skills)
* Noblesse Item. (Bless your character with Noblesse status)
* Apella armor
* Dynasty armor
* Fighter & Mage tattoos.
* Custom accessories (+200 P.def/M.def)
* Mystery box (Chance to get lifestone or book of giants)


Server Areas:
* Retail zones.
* Farm area Dion(Outside) as safe zone - Adena, Coins
* Elven & MOS farm - pvp/pk allowed - Adena, Coins
* Party zone(Combat zone) - Drops Network Coin, High & Top lifestones, Crystal scrolls, Random box.


Raidbosses Info:
* Barakiel 4 hours respawn - Bless your party with Noblesse status.
* Unique raidbosses 6 hours respawn - Same drop for all raid. [Drop Coins, Dynasty part, 30% drop Crystal Scroll, Lifstones, Bog]
* Grandbosses - Queen Ant & Baium have the same drop. 12 hours respawn. [Drop Coins, Dynasty part, 100% drop 2 Crystal Scrolls, Lifstones, Bog]
* Antharas & Valakas x1.5% more drop. 16 hours respawn. [Drop Coins, Dynasty part, 100% drop 3 Crystal Scrolls, Lifstones, Bog]
* Raidbosses & Grandbosses combat zone.


Olympiad system:
* Retail olympiad game.
* New heroes every Sunday.
* Olympiad start time 18:00 end 20:00.
* Win 9 matches to be hero.
* Need at least 20 pvp kills for register.
* Accessories are not allowed (auto disabled).
* Olympiad battles only with A Grade Items +4 (Only tattoo available)
* Augments restrictions skills - All passives & Celestial shield disabled.


Server commands:
.menu (Opens your character private menu)
.raidinfo (Opens a window for raidbosses info)
.repair (Opens a window to repair your stucked character)
.online (How much players are online)
.tvtjoin | .tvtleave | .tvtinfo (Reg/leave or check a tvt event)
.deposit | .withdraw (Make adena or goldbar)
.secure | .removecode (You can secure your character. Also, you can delete your code).
.offline (Make your shop offline trader)


Vote system:
* You can take your reward from Vote Manager.
* Auto vote reward every 10 votes.


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Friendly advice, if server rates are over 9k then what's the point setting starting level as 20?

Make it insta 76 at least. 

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10 minutes ago, SweeTs said:

Friendly advice, if server rates are over 9k then what's the point setting starting level as 20?

Make it insta 76 at least. 

It's just a info(Needless or not).. Startup gives you 80lvl 100% when it finished. There Isn't any exp mob or exp system. Not even on Subclass. But yes, this info is useless.

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2 minutes ago, SweeTs said:

Oh I see. Then remove it, keep it nice and simple, there is no need for pointless info :p

Yea.. It's pointless. Thank you. :p

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Let's summer begin! 
L2Network PvP Server waiting for you at 8/6/2018
Check our events before Grand Opening


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1 hour ago, #Tectonic said:

since i didnt flamed anyone and we had a talk here why u deleted my posts ? cuz was the truth ?


siga re mesia tou l2 pou ekprosopeis tin fwni tis alithias 10 xronia twra

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Don't forget to claim your reward!

Register your clan and get ready for fights.


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    • - Accessing technical issues support (checkpoint, restricted advertising, etc)
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