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Diablo 3 Boosting, Power Leveling, Item Farming and More

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On Odealo you can find Diablo 3: RoS markets on both EU and NA servers 

We have several active sellers that offer:
Item Farming, Boosting, Power Leveling and more

For most up-to-date prices please refer to the website 
They get updated nearly every day!

Item Farming
Legendary Items from $4.69 per 100

Full 6/6 Set from $14.99
Full Character build (including Kanai Cube items and Gems) from $39.99

Power Leveling
Power Leveling 1-70 from $3.99

Other services
Greater Rifts 60/70/80 from $12.79 per 10
Full Bounty Game from $6.40

Trag'Oul's Wings $50.00
Wings of Mastery $300.00

Currently featured Offers

Odealo is a secure Player-to-Player marketplace, where dozens of sellers offer their goods and services.
We have active markets in various MMO Games including Path of Exile, Rocket League, EVE Online, Fortnite, Warframe and more.


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