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New Server {MaxCheaters}


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Anyway , Apo Oti Eixa Dei K Apo Paliotera Posts.

Enas "Anepisimos" Server Ton MxC Einai O L2Ownage.. Nmz vevaia..

Isws Epeidi Itan Member O Killer_007 ktlp.. dn kserw.. :P




Apapapa..Pws einai dunaton na les ton Killer kai to @##$server tou anepisimo server tou mxc...dld kai gw exw server ti simainei auto? :O... Pantws o sugkekrimenos einai GTP san paidi opote dn leei.

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Apapapa..Pws einai dunaton na les ton Killer kai to @##$server tou anepisimo server tou mxc...dld kai gw exw server ti simainei auto? :O... Pantws o sugkekrimenos einai GTP san paidi opote dn leei.


File Pano.. Dn Kserw an t xeis dei apla se ena post eixa dei kapoion Mod kiolas

p to lege.. Sigkekrimena Elege :


Outws i Allws O L2Ownage Einai Anepisimos Server Ton Mxc.


Btw , Pote Dn Ipostiriksa Tn Killer_007 Oute eipa oti einai kl paidi oute tpt..




@Kt allo..

re palikaria , lete gia host ktlp. orea vriskete host , vriskete pack ktlp


Pioi 8a einai devs? pioi 8a einai gms? pioi admins?


8a Pesei tromeros tsakomos anamesa se ola ta members...

Opote.. Afiste Ta Sxedia. egw ayto lew..


g ayto , an 8elete srvr ftiakste ekei pera enan diko sas.. k efoson eiste k diate8imenoi na skasete lefta agoraste ena host k ggko8ite :)

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poios eipe oti ta members 8a einai Gms? dinoume thn idea k osh upostiriksi mporoume gia na dimiourgi8ei enas server ;)


pantos me to na stelnoume msgs den ginete douleia :P

afta ta pragmata 8eloun sunomilia opws ts k vent!

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poios eipe oti ta members 8a einai Gms?


k signomi kiolas..


sikwnete o srvr apo meli t forum k 8a boun akiroi gm?


anyway , dn tsakonomai g ayto to 8ema. outws i allws dn pezei na ginei.. alla k na ginei..

Tsampa 8a ginei na m to 8ymi8ite..

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den enoousa na ginei apo members mono... enohtai oti ton srv 8a ton kanoun oi admins xD

k 8a einai oi idioi gms.

opws k na exei den exei plaka na eisai Gm se enan srv... gi afto k oloi oi gms exoun dikous tous overpowered chars se olous tous srv xD

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paidia k gamw tis idees auto na ftiaksoun enan server ena MxC team na ton sikosoun oxi k polu High rate...pistevw me tin empeiria p exete 8a shkosete ena kalo server k me to forum apo pisw sas ennow ta apla member san emas na sas stirizoun san community 8a ginei kai gamw.... Egw pantws 8a peksw gt kserw oti dn 8a uparxoun oute bugs oute mlkies k 8a exei mesa polu gosu players(enemies ) ;) pantos polu kalh idea... skeuteite to :D alla pistevw oti o egoismos dn 8a sas afisei na ton kratisete gnwmh mou fusika makari na ton sikosete k na uparxei mexri na parw sintaksi xD mexri tote 8a kaigome ehhehe

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gi afto k oloi oi gms exoun dikous tous overpowered chars se olous tous srv xD


Emena m les?! :PPPPPPPP


Tespa.. Egw Lew Na t kanei kapoios lock to topic... as siziti8ei sta hidden ap ts mod.. k as kanoun oti pistevoun.. dn nomizw na exoume "dikaioma" na milame.. :P

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Ksexaste ta auta!


Pios 8a katsei na pliRosei... Pios 8a katsei na kanei tis ru8miseis... pios 8a katsei na fixarei ola ta buGs mpla mpla... 8elei xrono k upoMoni.. k na mn variesai... K pios 8a ginei gm... pios admin... k ti kosmo pisteuete oti 8a mazepsei enas server ... me name "maxcheaters"  ?! ax0a0

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Loipon opws polla alla topics pou exoun ginei sto parelthon etsi kai auto tha kleidwthei.


Dn uparxei logos na uparxei tetoio topic, pote dn tha vrethei akri, an thelete na kanete kapoio server organwste ena team diko sas.



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