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Looking L2 Pride CT 2.3 Source Client Patch


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Hi, as the title said: I'm Looking L2 Pride CT 2.3 Source Client Patch.

This mean i do not request someone got pride patch from other unknown sources

if someone can post any link i will appreciated.


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20 hours ago, L2J NexuS said:

Make a topic where Evie and Melron roast each other.

Btw Evie, what is this App that you are using, looks awesome.

Edit & Ontopic : I have the whole client of Pride, i just don't know which files are supposed to be used for a patch.
If you want me somehow to give you the whole client just reply here.

I c what this forums people got and i wont get bother to answer on that type again.
I will answer on those that are really helpful but i do not have much Intel to help others yet.
As for the client i dunno which specific files the patch stands for.
If the client you've got its clear with only CT 2.3 & patch
i will pleased if its possible to upload.


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