Discussion Corrupted Packets are real in L2?

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Hello once again,


I am playing on a low rate (retail like server) and i keep watching 1-2 guys youtube/stream videos in slow motion over and over and over again and something makes no sense to me...


So the scenario IS :


I am playing dagger in olympiad (currently hero) . I happen to play vs TOP   Phantom Summoner. Game starts he uses death spike 4-5 times and i am dead without even having time to get half his hp...


Scenario follows as:


A top dagger player (famous to many and russian) logs from my charachter same day, same items, same talismans and all (its my char anyway), plays VS same Phantom Summoner and the fight holds like 1 minute with 20+ death spikes etc etc.


As i said i keep watching the video over and over and makes no sense to me at all....

Another random guy tells me that all those TOP ruskies (players/cps etc) use software for corrupting packets or anything ? Is that possible in Retail Like Famous server H5 chronichle ???


Any other explanation that someone might have considering this matter ? 


Thanks in advance... (p.s. the scenario explained above happened many times with such players).

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heh :D i am getting hero on a 10k + ppl server every time :) on all 3 daggers  :D 


Point is i still lose to some TOP TOP guys like this and the other famous dagger is not :) Point is i get 3 shoted and he can survive 10+ hits EASY

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