Help Override HWID Ban ?

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Hello, as "newbie" i am i got one question.


So, the situation is. I use adrenaline  and ofc the server i am playing in if get caught bans your account + hwid. Supposively we do not care for account ban and we only care for the hwid.

Anyone got any way of securing/protecting/masking the hwid ? For example i want from the same pc to use bot (maybe banned maybe not) and my main accounts without having problem of getting banned. 


It is not necessary to play main chars + bot at the same time in case someone wonders....


Thanks in advance.

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7 hours ago, Dus said:

does Virtual Box trick hwid? yea practically its different machine....but does it actually work ? :D

it does, but since 90% of antibots has some VM-checks and blocks L2 from running inside, you will need to google and modify VM settings to fool these checks (mostly drivers, names, guids, etc)

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