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[L2J] GvE-PvP Classic 2.0


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Dear players!
This topic describes all the key points that are implemented in the update Glory World 2.0 , as well as the basic concept of the server. 
The server's opening date is the second half of February. 
The start date of the Open Beta Testing is February 9, 2013 at 20:00 Moscow time / 19:00 Kiev. 
Files for access to the server will be published a few hours before the testing begins. 

We have prepared the most interesting GvE concept modification based on the Classic 2.0 client so that players in 2018 spent time not for the endless killing of monsters and waiting for an event for many hours, but could go into the game to rest and relax with their friends' free time.

Basic Information:
Chronicles: Lineage 2 Classic: 2.0 Saviors
Server type: GvE-PvP
Website: pvp-game.ru
OPENING March 16, 2018 at 20:00 on the Moscow time!
Helpful information:
in the entire game world, except for MDT, the combat zone is active;
on the territory of MDT is a peaceful zone where players can send and receive letters with attachments, and also use a trade with the opposite faction;
players of opposing factions can not be in the same group;
a mana drug restores 700 mana and rolls back 7 seconds;
number of slots for positive skills (buffs) - 36, 24 for normal skills and 12 for dancing / songs;
duration of positive effects - 2 hours;
the game is implemented S grade;
the sale price of all items in the store is 0 adena;
the price of keeping things in stock is 1 adena instead of 30;
the price of sending letters by mail - 10 adenas;
The positive effects that were taken with the help of the Cancel-type skills are restored after 10 seconds;
The negative effects that are imposed on the character disappear at death (remain only if the character resurrects with a scroll or skill);
Resurrection time after death by pressing the "Fixed" button - 5 seconds;
Gold Club Cart - a card that includes the Premium Bof / Rune of the Adena / Rune of Experience for 30 days;
on the server implemented subclasses.
Selecting the faction
After creating the character, the player is given the opportunity to select the faction for which he will fight in the game. Having made a choice, the player goes to the capital of his faction (the Faction of Fire - Oren Town , the faction of Water - Elven Village ) for further acquaintance with the game world. In the city you can find all the necessary shops and other useful services for the development of your character. 

In the course of the game, the character can change his faction once every 2 days for 300 Aden . In the event that a player wishes to transfer his clan to another faction, he will need to pay 3000 Aden . The transition for clans is available 1 time in 4 days. 

In order to change the faction, it is necessary to find NPC Girin, which constantly travels between the capitals of the factions, passing through Northern Fortress. Its speed is slow enough , so that every player, with little effort, will be able to find it.


Character Creation
All characters appear in the initial location with a starting level of 62. 
After selecting the faction, players will have to undergo a small training to get used to the game world. In the course of the training the player will choose the desired 1st and 2nd profession, will get a free choice of armor and weapons of the B grade, visit the main stores in his city to purchase consumables, and find out where all the necessary NPCs are located for further play , including buffers and teleport. At level 76, a character can receive a 3rd profession, as well as a bonus of 50 adena .
aising the level
Players have 3 ways to increase the level of the character, each of which is advantageous in its own way. 
The first and most productive way is to gain experience for killing opponents of the opposing faction. In addition to experience, the player also receives Aden, which is the main currency in the game. 
The second more simplified method is the killing of monsters of the appropriate level around the world. In this case, the player receives less experience, but has the opportunity to obtain chests with resources and other useful items. 
The third most "lazy" way is fishing . During fishing, the player gets experience for each fish or trunk caught (for more details see the sectionFishing ).
The game currency of
Adenis the main game currency of the server, for which the player can purchase the necessary items in the shops of his city. Adena is charged for the destruction of enemy outposts, the seizure of forts and castles, for participating in events, for killing bosses and, of course, for killing a player of the opposite faction, depending on hispersonal value. 

Each character has its own personal value, which isalways displayed in its title. This is a variable value, which depends on many factors of development. 
The cost of the character is influenced by:
Active items of equipment (worn on the character)
Level of sharpening of equipped items
Number of PvPs
Hero Status
The more developed the player's character, the more expensive its value and the more adens the opponents will get for killing it. 

The amount of adena can be increased with the help of a special rune - Rune of Adena (+ 60%) or a special Gold Club Card (+ 60%) . In addition, players receive more adena in areas of allied structures , such as castles and forts.
Weapon / Armor / Costume Jewelery
Players are equipped with equipment C , B , A and S grades. 
Items C and B grade can be obtained free of charge in the shops of the city. 
Items A and S grades are sold in stores for adena , and they can be obtained when killing bosses . 

Improvement of equipment occurs with the help of special scrolls of improvement, which can be purchased in the store for adena, knock out of monsters / bosses, and also creating them from a blacksmith in the city. In case of unsuccessful improvement with an ordinary scroll, items A andS grades are converted to Gemstones , which can be exchanged from the blacksmith for a weapon of the appropriate grade or used to create the Blessed Scroll of Improvement. 
Recall that the chronicles of Classic 2.0 in the game, there are no SA effects for weapons. However, weapons can be strengthened with the help of special Runes, which can be purchased for adena from a blacksmith. More information about the Runes can be found on this link 


The outposts are control points located in all locations of the game world. Players can use their outposts as a teleport to move to other outposts or to the capital of their faction. 

Each of the outposts is reliably protected by a guard who reacts to representatives of the enemy faction and immediately attacks them. When any faction begins to attack the enemy's outpost, all players are notified about this in order to join the enemy's attack or defend the Union's outpost.


In the game there are 3 forts that are available for capture - Northern Fortress (1) , Eastern Fortress (2) and Western Fortress (3) .



FOR WEBSİTE   pvp-game.ru


FOR MORE    information's

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Dear players!
This topic will publish all the changes that are made during the work of the MBT. 
During the Open Beta Testing work all your comments were taken into account and the following changes were made: 

Removed weapons, costume jewelery and S grade armor, now the maximum grade of armor is A grade; 
Removed epic bosses Valakas, Antharas and Frintezza, instead of them will be repeated the remaining bosses; 
The cost of consumables has been removed, now they are free; 
Removed unnecessary items from the chests obtained by fishing; 
Removed minnyen who somehow appeared when killing monsters in the Antharas Lair location. 

Fixed "lags" raid bosses in connection with which they fell into the ground or did not hit;
Fixed "bugs" in the raid bosses Lilith and Anakim, because of which they sometimes flew away when they were targeted into the "somewhere"; 
Fixed bugs on the game map; 
Fixed mapping of outposts on the radar. 

Names of important NPCs were added to the game map. 

Changed prices for A grade equipment, now their cost is approximately the same as that of the removed S grade; 
Changed items that drop out of all raid and epic bosses (S grade replaced with A grade, A grade replaced with B grade, and changed the number of runes falling from Epic bosses); 
Changed the characteristics of monsters in all locations, reduced attack and added resistance to attack from the bow; 
Changed the starting sets in the training task, now issued With grad;
The levels of buffs that were issued in the sets of the buffer were changed, there were errors; 
Changed the requirements for teleportation to the initial location, now you can get there only in C grade; 
Changed NPS Advocates for outposts, now there are Archers instead of Mages; 
Changed the resurrection time for Captains of forts to 10 minutes and for crystals to 15 minutes. 

Increased / decreased:
Increased movement speed of defenders in cities; 
Reduced the attack force of the guards of outposts, castles, forts; 
Increased the chance of Epic Stone falling to 15%; 
Reduced the damage that the Summoner's horse does with a massive skill. 
Reduced the chance of passing de-buffs in such professions as: 
Phoenix Knight; 
Shillen Templar. 


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Below are listed almost all the changes that were made to the server during the Closed Beta Testing . 
The topic can be supplemented as far as possible. 

List of changes:

the weight of the quest items and portals is removed;
removed SA, standard runes for classic Runes were added;
removed accessories that were incorrectly displayed on the head of the characters;
removed the possibility of sharpening the improved epic bijouterie, removed the grade;
removed the ability to interact with enemies through Ctrl;
Removed malaria and other de-buffs from monsters in Hot Springs;
from pair blades removed the effect when sharpening to +4, because there is no SA.

fixed bug with displaying locations on the mini-map;
corrected sets of amplifying magic that are available from the Barber;
fixed premium buff (added buffs);
fixed errors and objects that were not allowed into the zone of beginners;
fixed the zone of beginners, now characters that do not meet the requirements, can not run into it on foot;
fixed all announcements messages;
corrected the prices of items in all stores;
corrected the display of locks in the information on the game map;
corrected the description of objects to match the concept of the server;
corrected the increase in the price in the title when donning certain items, as well as when sharpening them, the whole system of price increases was revised;
Corrected the display of the names of zones when installing personal / factional portals;
corrected the characteristics of some monsters, which moved very slowly;
fixed the work of mail;
corrected skills that did not work correctly;
corrected the system of balancing of fractions, which does not allow to pass for the strong side;
corrected the work of reinforcing skills, which are imposed by the raid bosses;
corrected the automatic use of charges in pets;
corrected the level of the summoned creatures in all professions.

Added by:
Added loss of Adena from crystals on forts and locks, as well as from personal and factional teleports;
added invulnerability after teleportation for 13 seconds, or before performing any action;
added obtaining clan reputation for: killing crystals, raiding bosses, outposts, defenders, opponents, portals;
Items added to the store for donations, as well as prices for some things changed;
coins are added - TvT Coin which players receive for participation in TvT;
added shop for TvT Coin;
added announcements and bug fixed, which is superimposed on TvT;
added items to increase the weight limit and the number of inventory cells;
in shops of equipment the opportunity to purchase at once a complete set of armor is added;
added monsters to the pvp zone with some chance of falling adena;
added training character (tutorial), which can be followed after the creation of the character;
added a grade and increased the characteristics of the Nephilim and Monster shields;
added a buffer to the Olympics;
at the bottom of the teleporter, the Monster Race Track zone is added, which is a peaceful zone for bargaining (bargaining) between factions;
Added "Help" dialog when inserting runes;
Added a teleporter after the death of the outpost which stands right up to his revival;
Added a teleport of the character after the reformation on castles or forts, now they will appear in the village of Florent.

It is forbidden to put portals in zones of forts and locks;
It is forbidden to use the call of characters in the territories of castles / forts / epic bosses.

changed the location of outposts and hunting zones in the locations of Giants Cave and Swamp of Screams:
the system for obtaining clan level has been changed, now alongside adena and PKK special items are needed;
Icons of some objects have been changed for a more comfortable perception;
The locations in which TvT is conducted are changed;
the store that is available for the Battle Signs (obtained at the Great Olympics) has been changed;
The weapon which with chance drops out at death of raiding bosses is changed;
changed the list of items that fall out of epic bosses;
The characteristics given by Glorious Cloak are changed;
changed the game map, added the names of locations and made some changes in connection with the increase in locations;
changed images and logos when downloading the client and the game;
the sale price of all items in the store is changed = 0 adena;
changed the location of the raid / quest bosses Lilith and Anakim, they are now not standing still, but moving from the cities to the lower fortresses and back.

Implemented by:
the siege of the castles and the auction for their purchase were realized;
realized the removal of negative effects after the death of the character.

Increased / decreased:
increased the chance of falling objects from the guards of forts and locks to 10%;
increased the weight limit by 2 times;
Increased the amount of HP in portals, outposts, raid bosses, some monsters;
the range of the RB withdrawal was increased, there were 1,000 now 3000;
reduced the amount of experience lost when the character dies;
the size of the patch is reduced by 200 mb;
the chances of passing more than 30 de-buffs are reduced;
Reduced the bonus chance of critical attack from Rune Odal;
the effect of Blazing Skin and Freezing Skin abilities has been changed and now gives 10% damage reflection.


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The period of the Olympiad is 1 week . 
The Olympics will be launched from the start of the server . Anyone who wants to
take part , who has 2 professions and above 55 levels. To participate in the Olympics, no additional tasks are required. Registration for the Olympics is possible through the NPC Olympiad Manager in any city from 20.00 to 23.40 . After teleporting to the arena, players are given 1 minute of preparation, which includes the imposition of 5 positive effects through the NPC that is in the room. The character who received the Hero status receives an additional 300 points of the Olympiad ( 6000

Signs of the Battle), as well as Hero Cloak and the ability to use the Weapons of Heroes . 

Players who have had 10 fights and scored at least 1 victory will receive 10 points as a reward - 200 Battle Marks. 
At the end of the period of the Olympics, each player gains a rank depending on the accumulated points. All participants of the Olympics are divided into categories. Players' rating is common for all classes , so the Hero of his class will not necessarily be in the top 1% of the overall rating.

Battle signs can be used to purchase useful items from a store from NPC Olympiad Manager .


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Players from each faction can purchase a Glorious Cloak cloak for 3,000 adena at the armor store. It is a personal item, so it can not be transferred. When a cloak is worn on a character, it gives the owner additional characteristics: 2% CP / HP / MP
+ 1% Physical Protection
+ 2% Magical. Protection
+ 1% Resistance to all weapons
+5 Chance P. Def. and the Magician. Crete. attacks
+ 1% Reflection of damage


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