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WTS Professional L2 Advertising[Any client,any rate]

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Why chose lineage2master advertising services ?

-Because I offer most professional services at reasonable prices. And because i have degree in online marketing and vast experience with lineage 2 community.

Do you really post and advertise how can we know if this is real?

-After each purchased service , once the task is completed you will be offered proof in either video format,link format or picture format where you can review the job completed.


TWITCH channel streaming = 5 euros per day (24/7):

What i offer is constant streaming with background music of your most populated area or video with links so players can instantly connect.

Twitch channel information: https://www.twitch.tv/lineage2master

Pinned post + Cover picture on my Lineage 2 Community groups:

Group number one : Lineage 2 Best servers = 10 euro for 7 days. - 800+ members:


Group number two: Lineage 2 Advertising = 5 euro for 7 days. - 200+ members:


Group number three: Lineage 2 divulgação = 5 euros for 7 days. - 200+ members:


Posting on social media:

Facebook 80 lineage 2 Community groups posts all 5k+ members groups = 5 euros

Youtube 50 lineage 2 Community video comments = 3 euros

Instagram 50 lineage 2 Community hashtag comments = 3 euros

VK 40 lineage 2 Community groups posts = 3 euros

Price for all 4 social advertising in a packet is = 10 euros

Delivery time 24 hours , multiple purchases are possible for multiple days. Discounts on purchases over 100 euros 10%.

Contacts details:

You can contact me via messages on maxcheaters or on my personal fb account.

Send me message request that you require my services:


or on skype:



Terms of services (TOS):


-I have strict policy of customer is always right. You have the right to change the content any time you want. You get the right to keep all intellectual property i create as your own property.


-Payments are paypal only. And strictly up front.

-Discounts are possible only on purchasing services in the value of 100 euros or greater.



Some of the servers i worked for recently (List will be updated):

-L2 Wonderlust , -L2 Crysis , -L2 Bezaleel , -Project LIPO , -L2PVP world, -L2 Reality , -L2 Cosmos , -L2 Mythras , -L2 OVC, -L2 Rise of Devil , -L2Raptor , -L2Liberation, -L2Gytheon, -L2Redmoon,  -Novaworld , -L2Gr



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