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WTS WTS Chars+items at SKELTH New Reduced Prices!

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As title says

Destroyer 66 lvl with destro 40 and tyrant 49 at same account for low raids  30 euro

AW 58 lvl 20 euro

BD 69 lvl  with many 100% xp items  60 euro      SOLD

SWS 72 lvl  with many 100% xp items  80 euro    SOLD

TK 75 lvl many scrolls 60 euro

Necro 79 lvl 120 euros

Shilien Elder 76 can go 77+ with  xp tickets that has100 euro  SOLD

Tyrant 78 lvl 50 euro

Cardinal 78.50% 120 euro

Bladedancer 79 lvl  150 euro

Super Othell Rune 11  100 euro !!!    SOLD

Toi Talisman VI              250 euro !!!   SOLD




78 lvl Shillien Knight +12 CON dyes nice name TK 42 lvl for AQ inside.many 100% xp items  250 SOLD

68 lvl Prophet with many 100% xp items  150 euro  SOLD

74.40 lvl  DA with sorceror 40lvl , necro 52 lvl and HE 55lvl in same account for epics 200 SOLD 




 I accept only PAYPAL or ADENA

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