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[Gracia L2J] L2Galactica


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It's made from what i have learned from here....:) and from L2j free, so part of credits goes to Maxcheaters members..thx for that.




HighRate: 1500Exp/1500Sp/2000 Adena!


Server Features:


Global gatekeeper,

Gmshop with super items,

NpcBuffer with all buffs for one click,3 type of buffs (mage,fighter,healer)

6 Custom Farming zone + 1 with 6 raids for special jewels drop..


3 Hour Buffs,100 Buff limit

75% enchant rate, max +30 weapon,+25 armor

2 safe zone for farming


Baylor,Beleth,Lilith...special jewels with custom stats,


Weapon and armors special made for PVP !!!!


And  more to come !



I decide to put here some stats from custom items from the server...so take a look:



-- Andreas Van Halter's Necklace   -     A Masterwork Item that increases resistance to dark,wind,water,fire and earth type atack. CON +3,STR +2,DEX +2,MEN +3,INT +2,WIT +1.


-- Lilith's Ring   -   A Masterwork Item that increases paralyze,silence and cancelation resistance.Cast.Spd +10%,Atk.Spd +10%,Speed +10%.Wild Magic efect.

-- Imperial Crusader Breastplate - PvP   -- DEX+1, STR+3, CON+2, MEN+3, P.Def.+35%, M.Def.+35%, Atk.Spd.+20%, P.Atk.+50%, C.Atk.+15%, Crit.Rate +20, CP/HP/MP Reg.+75%, HP+45%, MP+20%, CP+45%, Speed,Evasion,Accuracy +15%, Stun resist +20%, Dark resist +20%,


-- Dynasty Platinum Breastplate - PvP    -- Force Master -- DEX+3, STR+3, CON+2, MEN+2, P.Def.+35%, M.Def.+35%, Atk.Spd.+15%,P.Atk.+50%, C.Atk.+15%, Crit.Rate +15, CP/HP/MP Reg.+75%, HP+65%, MP+80%, CP+65%, Speed+20%, Evasion,Accuracy +15, Stun resist +40%, Dark resist +30%


--Dynasty Tunic - PvP    Wizard   - P.Def +25%,M.Def +25%,HP +25%,MP +40%,CP +35%,C.Spd +40%,M.Atk +50%,Speed +15,CON +2,WIT +2,INT +3,MEN +2,Evasion +18,CP/HP/MP Reg +85%,Stun Resistance +80%,Casting Cancel Probability -50%.    


-- Dynasty Tunic - PvP    Healer    -- P.Def +45%,M.Def +45%,HP +45%,MP +69%,CP +35%,C.Spd +10%,Speed +25,WIT +2,INT -3,MEN +3,Evasion +20,CP/HP/MP Reg +15%,Stun Resistance +20%,Casting Cancel Probability -30%.


-- Major Arcana Robe - PvP    - P.Def +25%,M.Def +25%,HP +45%,MP +35%,CP +35%,C.Spd +10%,M.Atk +10%,Speed +15,CON +2,WIT +2,INT +3,MEN +3,Evasion +22,CP/HP/MP Reg +25%,Stun Resistance +20%, Casting Cancel Probability -50%


--Dynasty phantom - PvP    Acumen    -- M.Atk +50%, Reflect Dmg. +10%, Magic MP Cost -50%



This stats are not the real one...on the server ...but this is just to make an idea for the server, and to choose if you enter or not on this one :))


Good luck and have fun !

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Im playing there currently and I can say its the only fcking server I've found so far with fair balance between newbies and already geared up players.

Its pretty good server tho, no leveling, medium farming (a week for full +20 or maybe more), you start with 5kkk so you can spare your adena to enchant weapons to +20 and its good, because the enchant rate is 80% (well i think its 75% but nvm), no restarts, its stable without lags, good farming zones and cool custom armors which ARE balanced! Lemme tell you why :

You get a armor, ok good, it gives the pdef and shits but it gives the resistance as well! This is used to trick players, so they think its better, but actually.. its not =D

Same for the pvp jewels, they give the damage bonuses and so, but the resistances as well.

There is around 300-400 ppl daily online, good pvp's and ofc as every server it has best classes and they are Mage (with 5k pdef yea) and Archers (who crit for 5-6k). I'd recommend you to make a tyrant first so you can farm easly (big dmg and vampiric effect) and better get started :)


I really recommend it, all I said below is truth and if im not wrong the server will wipe soon (10th jan), so you can join it and be fair with the others and become the best :p


PM me IG for any help if u wanna : "Nirthi ^^

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