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Best L2J Project/Pack?

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frozen is private now no idea what will happends with them

lucera they support only compiled pack not sources included

acis they are active but updates comes to slow.

it depends what is your skills etc and what you want to do with the project you are looking for..

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There is no better,simple as that.No matter what you'll use,it all depends on how you will develop the files and the overall gameplay,and how much work time with focus you will spend on your development. The main thing is that you have to waste time searching for bugs,since there are a lot and fix them in a slowly,patiently progress, and try to make fixes at some features such as many skills,formulas and quests, wich they are probably not working properly.

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On 1/5/2018 at 1:34 AM, charcters said:

Okey, seems like L2JACIS is the powerfull, I'll go for this one, thanks!


its not ready for live, especially low rates, if only for pure pvp server you might get away with it but it still needs work if you want things to function correctly.

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