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Dear friends!
We are glad to announce to you about the planned opening of our project on the PTS High Five Part 5 platform! The concept of the game world and a rates x30 are calculated on the facilitated game.
Opening of the server on February 2, 2018 at 08:00 p.m. (UTC +3). About the beginning of open testing it will be announced in addition.


Description of the game world High Five x30:

Server rates:


Experience / Skill Points: x30

Adena: x15
Drop (chance): x10 (quantity increases depending on the chance)
Spoil (chance): x10 (quantity increases depending on the chance)


Features of the game world:

Game windows - no limits
Automatic learning of all character skills to level 80 except: Ressurection, Mass Ressurection, Boost HP, Fast HP Recovery, Acrobatic Move.
The level of Baium is increased to 82. At the entrance to this Boss players enter the combat zone.
The Hellbound Island is open from the start and has level 11
Period of the Great Olympics - 2 weeks. Receiving heroism every 1st and 15th day of the month. The start of the Olympics on February 15. Reduced the time of counting when registering participants from 120 seconds to 60.


Community Board (Alt + B) has a number of functions:

Buffer - a set of basic buffs, 2 and 3 professions of support classes (including dance / song, except for resistors), without summon / kamael / dwarven buff. Time of positive effects from the Community Board - 60 minutes.
Service Carrier - the opportunity to purchase 1, 2 and 3 professions
Some additional services are also available: purchase of a premium account, activation of a sub-class, the acquisition of the Noblesse
Section Shop gives you the opportunity to purchase different equipment B, A, S, S80 grade. Consumables (including Mana Potion), items for raising the clan level and learning clan skills, various useful items for faster character development, a wide range of different accessories, and much more are also available.
Teleportation service in the main locations and cities in the game world


Useful game commands are available:


.offlineshop - offline trade activation
.expon / .expoff - enable / disable the gain of experience
.autopickupon / .autopickupoff - enable / disable automatic loot collector



A more detailed description of the game world of High Five x30 will be published  by the start of the OBT!





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