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Share L2Dragon Updater Design [PSD]

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Hello guys.

So after discussing a little bit with @dizzan about his updater and the designs i said i will make a design for updater.

So i'm sharing it to everyone in case he (dizzan or someone else) want to make it from psd to updater or use it for his own server updater.

You're free to use it ONLY if you do not remove the copyrights.


Here is a preview image of the updater:



You can download it from here:

Download from mega.nz


Rar Password: designatix.maxcheaters.com

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18 hours ago, Reborn12 said:

Thanks for share

np buddy


2 hours ago, Jojo_ said:

Pretty neat :)
If you more than this one feel free to share any time ~

Thansk mate, i'm thinking of making more free designs for mxc only, i will let you know soon. If i'll make any more updaters i will update this topic including every updater design i'll make.

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