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I want to share with you this updater I created from sources found on the internet...

This updater has been cleaned and runs now without any errors or warnings!!

Any question you can contact me with via private message or email me at: contact@l2vagrant.com



L2Updater Clean Ver1


L2Updater Clean Ver2




https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/74c183e19b5b8516f50e1226f4a0d9fa50bb379ad9b8fdb0cc7eaa79bb9f4e86/detection     L2Updater Ver1 scan

https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/a90f050facb59201901a9087e0ed739b5fd2db736cfc0c12da4d9a23691e1e39/detection    Patch builder scan


https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/21d3e472706ff26e1a9d2680b5fda30c8b9efce3ba3ddb02428c25b620552b98/detection    L2Updater Ver2 scan


Website/Forum/C-Panel redirection buttons added...





Edited by dizzan
Added Version 2 of client updater
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If someone have a custom design and wants to add it to the updater contact me via private message or email and i will add it for you.

You can donate via paypal as much as you think it is right for this services.

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13 minutes ago, melron said:

not bad :) Gj

The most important thing is that the updater is virus free and runs with no errors...

Players need a clean updater and that's for sure.

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Seem it use Delphi and same source than I based mine of (I converted source from Delphi 7 to Rad studio 10.1)
you could try to change few options to make it much better here my suggestion :)

1 : Disable ''Transparent'' over black or any color that just ugly. (see next suggestion why)
2 : Enable GlassFrame (It allow PNG to have Alpha !)

3 : Option button put it few pixel to left with some margin from the Close button (Mistake can easly happen)
4 : In Game Settings Add 2 Buttons for Apply and Close that weird to have clickable text only :)
5 : If you do use 1 & 2 in png add a shadow so it look prettier :D (Here that a personal view !)
6 : If you want to rock on every others launcher make a skin for each chronicle and trust me you will have feedback ;)

Now I have tiny question, do you plan to re-share fixed sources or accept helps ?
so we can help you making it even better than you did now :)
If you want to talk about over skype tell me and I pm you name over here :)

Edited by Jojo_

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I use Rad studio 10.2 (Delphi) and the issue with png will be fixed on the next share..

The updater works smooth and it's virus free.

Gauges are switched to progress bar and soon i will have animated progress bar also.

0 warnings and 0 errors and the bzip archiver errors updated also

Give me your skype name so we can chat together :)


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2 hours ago, dizzan said:

Thank you. I will share more designs and add more futures to the updater.

Good to hear :) +1 and keep up the good work!

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3 hours ago, SillverShadow said:

Good working updater, helpful guy , answered all questions i had about it.

keep making it better !

I agree what an helpful person, I totally recommend him !

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