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En la vista de lo popular de Acis y de lo mucho que se complica la gente en adaptar y meter nuevos códigos me dispuse a hacer este engine.
Este engine contará con un sistema de listeners y codigos que nos permitirá diseñar de forma sencilla todos nuestros mods prácticamente sin modificar el core de nuestro proyecto, esto hará más fácil actualizar nuestro pack y evitar errores de programación.

In the view of popular Acis and how much people complicate in adapting and putting new codes I was prepared to do this engine.
This engine will have a system of listeners and codes that will allow us to easily design all our mods practically without modifying the core of our project, this will make it easier to update our pack and avoid programming errors.


* https://svn.code.sf.net/p/l2j-engine-mods/code/L2J_EngineMods/
* https://sourceforge.net/p/l2j-engine-mods/code/commit_browser

* https://l2devsadmins.net/fissban/index.php




Ire agregando mas mods a medida que me lo vayan pidiendo y vea que tenga tiempo en crearlos....el test queda por parte de ustedes ya que esto es para ustedes, or ahora solo cuenta con estos mods.
I will add more mods as they ask me and see that I have time to create them .... the test remains on you as this is for you, for now you only have these mods..

-> AnnounceKillBoss
-> AntiBot
-> ColorAccordingAmountPvPorPk
-> EnchantAbnormalEffectArmor
-> FakePlayer
-> NewCharacterCreated
-> OfflineShop
-> PvpReward
-> SellBuffs
-> SpreeKills
-> SubClassAcumulatives
-> SystemAio
-> SystemVip
-> VoteReward

-> BonusWeekend
-> Champions
-> CityElpys
-> RandomBossSpawn

-> NPC
-> NpcBufferScheme.
-> NpcClassMaster.
-> NpcRanking.
-> NpcTeleporter.
-> NpcVoteRewardHopzone.
-> NpcVoteRewardNetwork.
-> NpcVoteRewardTopzone.

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some things I did not like:

1) much old code.

2) fake players

3) all comments non english

4) no updates on shared codes

5) useless comments like /** constructor */

6) many ! points on code


I rate it 3/10 its just listeners that got the 3 the rest of codes are just adapted nothing new or updated its also have bad code from some shared codes in the mix.

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  • 4 months later...
7 hours ago, flexcomunicacion said:

Hola. Seguí los pasos meticulosamente pero me salen estos errores al compilar y no pude resolverlo :/ Agradecería si me pudieran ayudar. Saludos. image.thumb.png.c42defbbd6bdd15c93c3a63f8c29676f.png


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  • 5 months later...

on LoginServerThread don't not exist this Line

     public void addClient(String account, L2GameClient client)
         final L2GameClient existingClient = _clients.putIfAbsent(account, client);

Any help to addapt just this 

+        if (client.isDetached())
+        return;

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