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WTS Selling items & adena - L2reborn 1x


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L2reborn 1x


1kk = 1e

Valhalla +3 acu = 50e

BW heavy set +3 - 60e


Homu +9 acu = 140e

BO jewels set - 30e


skype: omgitzluc




PlayINERA Vanilla 4x (Server Closed)


Tallum Heavy Set -> 50e

DC Robe Set -> 50e


Adena 1kk = .50e




L2e-global Interlude Rework 1x (Server Closed)


1kk -> 0.9e

Zaken - 200e 

AQ - 150e

TM Heavy Set - 100e




L2DEX Classic Insolence 4x: (Server Closed)


1kk = 1.7e

Doom shield - 9e

Crystal dagger  - 19e

SE lvl 5x - 50e

Dagger - lvl 50-60 - 60e (same master account)

Blue wolf heavy set - 100e






SE 79 2nd class, bw robe set

am + acu 30e

Tallum heavy set -12e

Maj light set -12e

Dc robe set -12e

BW heavy set - 5e

Dual sls - 4e

Demon dagger+  crit dmg - 4e

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