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Hello everyone. 

PvP server with no epics in shop, no custom weapon/armor/tattoo. ENJOY




 Grand Opening 10 December

RateXp = 500.
RateSp = 500.
RatePartyXp = 1.
RatePartySp = 1.
RateDropAdena = 1.
RateConsumableCost = 1.
RateDropItems = 1.

EnchantChanceWeapon = 66
EnchantChanceArmor = 66
EnchantChanceJewelry = 66
EnchantChanceWeaponCrystal = 66
EnchantChanceArmorCrystal = 66
EnchantChanceJewelryCrystal = 66
EnchantChanceWeaponBlessed = 66
EnchantChanceArmorBlessed = 66
EnchantChanceJewelryBlessed = 6
MaxEnchant = 16
Safe = 4



#Server info# 
No Customs weapon/armor/tattoo 
No epic jewels in shop 

Farm zone, raidboss on farmzones

Dagger bluff/ trick/switch fixed, dmg from back 
Debuff/stun/Blow chance fixed 

Stun chance retail like

Epics 12h respawn 

Frintenzza custom spawn on Imperial Tomb 

Queen ant 80 lvl
Custom nobless quest win pvp and kill barakiel!!, 1 item drop, doubleclick to get nobless, respawn 4h) 
No overenchanted weapons (66% chance from all scrolls) 
NPC buffer (22+4buffs) 
Class balance 
Cancel stick working 
Oly period 2 weeks 
cp potion reuse - retail like
PvP kill reward 
TvT/DM/CTF/TownWar events 

Tournaments 3v3 by ADMIN.
Intel I7-4790K 
4/8t - 4GHz /4.4GHz 
16GB DDR3 1600 MHz 
SoftRaid 2x240GB SSD 
ATM: Beta tests

DMG can be change and skill working!

I am waiting for your suggestions (maybe sleep like retail like :) ) ?




general info.png

Edited by kazu

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I like these three things : epics not on shop, and only 22+4 buff slots, and 66% enchant with every kind of scroll.

Looks clean gameplay and some old style pvp.I hope you can get some decent online.

I'm in at beta stage.


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By the way,system needs lot of fixes especially at items names. Files seem to be used at another server as well if i am not wrong, (Your Htmls write L2Ryan.... LOL..). 

Edited by HarryHoudini

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4 hours ago, kazu said:

Ofc ill fix everything, but i working alone and need time... greetings 

Well,anyway I also think would be better to make such features on another files,why u build it on these from other server,i think it may make players leave faster than they would or not even try it.Beta phase seems to dissapoint when saw such similarity.At least enchant rates and buff slots are the only thing worth.Changing a bit will make it way better.

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