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May 19 6:30 AM - May 28 6:30 AM


May 19 6:30 AM - May 28 6:30 AM

The Chef Monkey will dilute the harsh world of Elmoraden with invigorating exotic notes!
Bundles of bananas, refreshing cocktails and unique bait will make the game more fun and more pleasant :x3:

1. Harvest of bananas
Go hunting and collect bundles of bananas from monsters! Remember, Event items will not fall out, if the level of the monster is lower than the character level by 11 or more (dark blue).


A bunch of bananas, is a herb, which is applied immediately after lifting from the ground. Herb gives the whole group of the character a useful positive effect:


2. Chef Monkey
A skilful culinary specialist will briefly talk about the event, and also offer players a unique bait for fishing and delicious cocktails, which have no analogues in the whole Elmoraden!


3. Monkey Bait
The chef will tell you about the unique bait that he made specifically for the inhabitants of Elmoraden. Monkey knows the value of his creation and will not give the bait cheap. The cost of bait: 250 adena for 1 pc. (regardless of the tax of the castle).


Chef Monkey’s Bait significantly decreases fishing time (20 seconds) compared to regular bait (110 seconds). Besides, using event bait will allow you to receive more experience from fishing!


By the way, don’t forget about the fishing shots when you’re going to fish. They increase chances of successful fishing by 40% (basic chance 40% + fishing shot 40% = 80%).

Important: fishing is available to characters with level 20+ (class doesn't matter).

Only one species of fish is caught in the event bait - it's Tuna.


You can exchange it to Mysterious Blessed Soulshots (fighter shots!) that will increase the damage of physical attacks! By the way, they weight 0, so you can take as many with you as you want!


Exchange rate:
Hurry up to stock as many Blessed Soulshots as you can because they will stay with you even after the event is over!

4. Cocktails from the chef
Monkey Chef prepared amazing fruit cocktails using unique secret recipe. For just 250 Spirit Ores anyone can order one of the following delicious drinks:


The effects of cocktails are interchangeable, and also do not stack with the following effects: Prophecy of Fire, Prophecy of Water, Prophecy of Wind, Chant of Victory, Victories of Pa'agrio

You won't be able to receive these buffs as well as other cocktail's effect if you already have a cocktail effect activated.

Important: If you use one of the prophecies with cocktail effect on, the Spirit Ores for the prophecy will disappear but the prophecy won't be applied.


  1. Event will take place from May 19 until May 28. After May 28 Banana Herbs will no longer drop. Event items 'Tuna' and 'Monkey Bait' will be deleted. Blessed Soulshots won't be deleted.
  2. The effect of Banana's Herb disappears after log out.
  3. Fishing is available to characters with level 20+. Class doesn't matter.
  4. Every try during the fishing consumes 1 bait despite of the result of fishing.

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Dear players of https://www.lineage2dex.com,
We're ready to announce New Suits in shop and Offline Fishing!

Offline Fishing

  • To use offline fishing you need Hight-Grade Fishing XP Growth Amulet (You can buy at NPC Charlotte - > Bonus XP/SP) - 23 ToD 1 Day
  • Type .offline in chat during fishing to set you character to offline fishing. It have same mechanic as offline trade, you don't need adena for it and it will be finished only after character (not account) log in. So you can set any character to fishing and continue to use current account on another character.



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Dear Friends! Summer has come!
With summer in our server came EXTRA bonuses for newbies!

1931_96e2408c3f07c688c3ed882fc45cc7f2.pn Coupon of Novice D-grade Weapon - This coupon can be exchanged for a temporary D gr weapon on NPC Razen
1930_8f3e05898f6b51289aaa4d12691e75a1.pn 2 days status Premium Account (only for new accounts)
1927_494f1f1732e6f16bf1aee8dcf4c84904.jp Expertise Rune A-Grade (1 day) - Allows you to use any equipment including A gr regardless of the level
1928_6c328dcbfff3d73953eaf587aab568af.jp x3 Scroll of Experience / SP +20% 1 hour
1929_24766351acedd728b59db0eb355dabb5.jp x3 2nd Class Buff Scroll

We make design on summer time remove all limits on window!
ATTENTION: Need run updater!

All important links:
Classic Insolence x4 - Full server Description
Download Client Classic 2.0
Download Patch
Download Updater

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Meet the Terror of the seas of Elmoreden - Zaken.
Battle the mightiest of pirates who had the evil itself on its knees and win countless treasures.

Dear friends!
Last month our dev team had worked on the next update for our classic server Insolence x4.
And we are happy to announce that we are at the final stage!
Very soon we will open test server for anyone who wants to check what is new on Zaken update, and help us with final testing.

Whats new on Zaken update?
Weapon augmentation, updated runes/items/armors, new hunting zones and many more content.
Full list you can see here: Lineage 2 Classic: Zaken Update

Approximate dates:
In early August, a test server will be opened, and everyone can join in testing.
We plan to make update in September. But you have to understand that this depends on the testing stage and can be delayed. We will make update only if we will be ready.
This may be in early September, or even October, so please be patient.

Time to return to old players, and join new:
This update will be good opportunity to return for our old players but also  for these who would like to join us and start as a new beginner.
With the new update we will start a new big advertising campaign, and mailing to all old players.
What is most important for all our players is that this classic server (Insolance x4) is our main server, will be constantly supported, and never closed.

So, if you are tired to start each month in new server, from stacks of bots, from administration  black market, rmt and you need good stable classic server with good community 
Join Lineage2Dex.com!

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