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-= L2 Greed =-

L2 Greed is a private l2j mid rates interlude server.
Currently, the server is at its final development stage, and we’ve already scheduled release date, which is 2017-12-15 18:00 (UTC +02:00).
The team behind L2 Greed consists of 4 developers, of which, each specializes in its own area.


-= Server Information =-


Xp: 100x, Sp: 100x, Adena: 100x, Drop/Spoil: 100x, Quest: 1x.
Safe: +5, Max: +16, Success rate: 60%
Class changer with rewards
Shop with items / consumables up to c grade for adena.
Shop with B grade items for custom items.
Shop with A / S grade items recipes
Gatekeeper with custom zones and much more…
3 Unique events, never seen before.

-= Other information =-


In L2 Greed server you’ll be challenged with many non-retail like features, completely redone crafting system, unique events, new PvP, siege system, and much more!

Like us on Facebook to get the latest information - https://www.facebook.com/l2greed/
Visit our site to register your account now – https://l2greed.eu
If you have any suggestions – contact us by email info@l2greed.eu or skype by searching for the same email. 



L2 Greed team

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