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WTS L2 Classic.club 3x EU free - sell char 75 lvl and items

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Hello guys,


my GF is pregnant so I give up on playing... well thats opportunity for you to get my chars and items...


WTS characters:

Fighter 75 lvl (non-transferable exp scrolls, well done SP points etc) - fully geared if you are interested.

Necromancer 51 lvl (Orfen and core char) - mid C geared (random jewels, Carmian set + Sages staff)

Warlock 41 lvl (QA char) - mid C geared (random jewels, Carmian set + Sages staff)

I can add also some low lvl chars used for offline shops if you want... as a little bonus.


PS: all characters can be changed to another class in this server for some fee - even nickname change is allowed for 5 EUR. Visit http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/7439-class-change/?tab=comments#comment-45823 for more info.


WTS Items:

Full Plate set +6+6+6+7 (helm+7)

Duals TOP B - SLS*SLS +8

Othell rune +4

Duals TOP B - SLS*SLS +5

Top B one-hand blunt - Deadmans Glory +0 (2x)

Mid B sword (can be used to create top A duals) Keshanberk sword +0

Top C jewels +6+6+5+5+5 (comparable to TOP B +5, but transferable across your lower lvl chars 40+)

Doom shield


PS: currently B grade is the best on server. A grade is available only from Baium so nobody has it yet!


contact me over this acc with private message or send me an email to radek.kurka@gmail.com - I sell this for real money...


Thank you



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