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Discussion Interlude Mid Rate Custom Server

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  • XP – x25 

  • SP – x25 

  • Adena – x50 

  • Drop – x1 

  • Quest – x1 

  • Normal Enchant Scroll – 66% 

  • Blessed Enchant Scroll – 75% 

  • Crystal Enchant Scroll – 85% 

  • Top Lifestone Skill – 30% 

  • Top Lifestone Glow – 100% 


Server Currencies 

We wouldn't like to mess players with many materials and other currencies so the gameplay will be more simple easy and understanding. We have decided to have the following currencies. 


  • Adena 

  • Royal Adena (100kk adena = 1 Royal Adena) 

  • Ancient Adena 

  • S Grade Material (Needed to craft S-Grade Stuff.) 

  • Special Coin (A coin that can be dropped from all mobs with 1% chance) 


Server Features and NPCs  


  • Starting level 20 with top D-Grade gear in custom spawn with basic NPCS 

  • Luxury Gatekeeper with Towns/Castles/Hunting Areas/Party Zones/Arenas teleports 

  • Gm-Shop selling all gear up to A-Grades/consumables/enchants and so 

  • Custom Shop Selling S-Grade gear for materials, such as other stuff 

  • NPC Buffer including all buffs/songs/dances but no 3rd level buffs. Buff time is set to 3 hours 

  • Max buff slot 32+4 divine inspiration  

  • Higher level buffs from Support classes 

  • Warehouse Keeper including Clan Warehouse and Freight  

  • Subclass is available without quest. You can add up to 5 subclasses 

  • Noblesse Quest is disabled. You can get Caradine's letter from all Raid Bosses with 50% on drop or buy it from Custom Shop for Adena/Ancient Adena/Materials S Grade 

  • Classes Quests are disabled.1st and 2nd class free,3rd class 100kk adena 

  • Olympiad is retail and works 100% 


Server Explanation 


  • You start at level 20 with top D Grade gear shots and potions. So you are ready to go for level up. 

  • For C/B/A Grade special ability weapons you will need adena and ancient adena. For S Grade weapons you will also need S Grade Materials 

  • All mobs from level 20 to 85 drop adena and ancient adena. 

  • DVC Deep mobs drop S Grade Materials ancient adena and adena 

  • Party Zones are hard and you really need a party including bishop and tank 

  • Party Zone mobs have generous droplists such as Adena/Ancient Adena/S Grade materials/Lifestones. 

  • Abandoned Coal Mines have the best ancient adena drops. Also all mobs have a chance to drop S Grade weapons 

  • There are several raid bosses with really nice droplists.You need a full and nice party to kill them 

  • Buffers and buffs. NPC buffers including all buffs songs and dances up to level 72 from all classes although they do not include 3rd classes skills.Support xlasses keep learning higher level skills till they reach level 80.For example Might level 6,Blessed Body level 10,Dance of Fury level 2,Song of Vitality level 3 and so on.If you want to be top buffed you will have to create Support classes and power level them. This will make support classes be more playable and keep the economy up by selling buffs in Giran. 


Custom Items (Still under discussion,they might be added also not) 


  • Dusk Weapons (aKa L2Gold Weapons) 

  • Demons Tattoos (Each Class own tattoo) 

  • Greater Right Tattoos 

  • Custom armors (Dynasty or ...?) 



We have decided that we do not want to affect the gameplay with donations so there will never ever be weapons/armors/jewels/enchant and so on available to donate for.We have decided to offer fair services in exchange for supporters money .So this is going to be our final list and will open after 2 weeks from grand opening. 

  • Premium Account (Double XP,SP,Adena) - 20$ 

  • Main Class and 1 Subclass Level 80 – 10$ 

  • Main Class level 80, 1 Subclass Level 80 and Noblesse  20$ 

  • Noblesse – 10$ 

  • Clan Level 8 – 10$ 

  • Clan Reputation 25.000 -10$ 

  • AIO Buffer (Including all skills from all level 80 classes) - 35$ 


The Donation list is final. 

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