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interlude (L2J) L2OldSchool


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After so many years passed and all lineage severs seems to be similar to each other,we decided to open a PVP server that is close to retail without custom items,crafting and so on.In our server all classes are useful and will be playable in need so the player can remember the old good times if lineage 2.Here are the features.

Server Rates

Starting level - 40

XP - x75

Party XP - x1.1

SP - x75

Adena - x75

Drop Rate - x1

Safe Enchant - +4

Max Enchant Weapon - +16

Max Enchant Armor - +12

Enchant Rate Normal Scroll - 66%

Enchant Rate Blessed Scroll - 66%


Server NPCS

GM-Shop selling up to A grades with adena

*S Grades can be found on GM shop for:


 Ancient Adena (Retail from Catacombs)

Materials S Grade (Can be farmed from DVC bridge and deeper mobs)

Global Gatekeeper


Nobless Manager (or quest can be done retail)

Top PVP-PK manager

Raid Boss Manager



Server Feautures

-All skill retail working

-All buffs retail time

-No Custom items

-Daily events (TvT,CTF,DM)



More to be posted,we would just like to hear your opinions for a server of that style.Did you even missed it so far?Would you be glad to see a server like this and join?


All opinions are welcome.Thanks for your time :)



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