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[L2OFF] L2Mordor

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4 hours ago, DavidRoss said:


How many on? It seems good and me looking for server :)


Yeah, I would like to know activity too.

Someone should also move this server to Private servers topic as this server is no longer for "preview".

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    • By Sanity

      Opening Date - 1.12.2017, 20:00 GMT+2
      Site -
              Forum -
      Exp : 1000x
      Sp : 1000x Adena : 1000x Drop : 10x          Safe Enchant : +5 Maximum Enchant : +16 Normal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 70%    Blessed Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 100% Crystal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +16) : 40%   Top Life Stone Rate : 20% High Life Stone Rate : 10% 1 Active or 1 Passive Augment Skill                                                                                     Easy Farm Instant Level 80 Max Buff Slot 60 Buff Time 4h No Weigh Limit No Clan Penalty Max Subclasses 5 [ Free Subclass & Free proffesion ] Max Clans on Alliance 3 Armor | Weapon Mastery Penalty Block-Buff Skill Flawless Geodata & Pathnotes Olympiad Period 1 week [ Every Sunday ] [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 ]                                                   Special Starting Tutorial Advanced NPC Buffer with full buffs and counting buff slots Detailed Gatekeeper Advanced Shop Top Manager Castle Manager Clan Manager [ Instantly clan lvl 8 or +5000 clan rep each time ] Advanced Server Information NPC with everything inside Unique Vote Machine Advanced PvP Title Colors                                                                                                                                                                               Events Every every hour.   Team vs Team Last Man Standing Deathmatch Capture the Flag                                   
    • By LifeDrain

      The New Start: 30/09/2017 + BIGGEST UPDATES
      The last server's announcement:
      The announced events for players: Website:
      The Newest server's info:
      What will I get on the new start day?
      *** Some a good prizes (rewards).
      *** Updated and fixed server with a some new things, all updates will be announced before server start.
      What kind of an events can I into participate at the moment?
      *** EVENT: Register your clan and get BONUS (Started)
      *** EVENT: Poster event! (Started)
      Why should I play at this server?
      *** Unique custom Java platform.
      *** Protection from bots.
      *** Game without wipe while server is not empty of players.
      *** Comfortable game without freezes and delays.
      *** PvP battles 24/7.
      *** Helpful and friendly administration.
      *** No corruption/secret donate.

    • By redline122
      Start 2017-12-01 16-00 GMT+2


      XP: x500
      SP: x500
      Adena: x200
      Drop: x10   

      Enchant Rates
      Enchant Max: +25
      Cystal Max : +28
      Enchant Safe: +4
      Normal Enchant Scroll Rates: 55%
      Blessed Enchant Scroll Rates: 75% to +25
      Crystal Enchant Scroll Rates: 100% from+15 to +28 

      Another features
      Top Ls 80% 
      Anti bot system.
      Stackable system. 
      Npc buffer (3h buff time) 
      Class Master. 
      Custom GM Shop. 
      Custom Gatekeeper. 
      Custom Skill Enchanter. 
      Main towns - Talking Island. 
      TVT event manager. 
      Full npc buffer with auto buff. 
      Max count of buffs - 26+4. 
      Max subclasses - 5. 
      Passive balance skills 
      all sub class
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