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Expect the following:

- No shady pay 2 win donations.

- Donations will be going to advertising and getting better server files only.

- GM's without abusable rights.

- Server is Ddos Protected.


Website: http://l2cupid.pw 

OPENING ETA 3/11/2017


Here is the basic layout of the server:

  • EXP: x 2000 SP: x2000 ADENA: x2000
  • Starting level: 75 (for subclass too)
  • Max level: 85
  • Starting gear: A Grade
  • Max Gear: S Grade (Dynasty)
  • Max Enchant: +20 (All items)
  • Safe Enchant: +5 (All items)
  • Enchant Rates: 30% (All scrolls)
  • Items dont break or loose previous enchant level on failure
  • Max Buffslots: 24 (20+4 with Divine Inspiration)
  • Max Dance/Song slots: 12
  • All Buffs duration: 3 Hours
  • Cancelled buffs return after 15 seconds
  • GM Shop, Global Gatekeeper & NPC Buffer npc’s
  • Weight Limit x5
  • No Clan Penalties
  • New Clans start at level 8 with 350k reputation points
  • Olympiad Games period: 2 weeks
  • Castle Sieges period: 1 week
  • Automated TvT & CtF Events every hour with great rewards
  • Custom Playgrounds (Leveling/Farming/PvP-Farming)
  • Seasons System (Server Refresh)
  • Dual-box allowed to swap items and buffer alts
  • Ddos-protected server based in France

Website: http://l2cupid.pw 


Server is still in the works. Meaning theres still time to drop suggestions in the forum. ETA is around 3d of November. BETA server may be up sometime but not guarantees.

I will be straight with you. I dont have any funds to advertise the server, if you want to support this project you can donate or just be active ingame and in the forums. So dont expect 2.000.000 players. I will do my best to post about the server anywhere i can and spread the word.

Previous projects i was involved was L2FX.

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