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well for those who like custom projects and pride like servers it's good opportunity for a fresh start. Community is 50-70 daily and increasing. we are doing our best to bring more ppl through voting. gm's are also helpful and trying to solve most of the problems. <3 Dimos <3

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3 hours ago, Phobiaa said:

Really good and stable server,low population but the admins are really putting hard effort into it and  it's worth a shot for the people that used to play on Pride.

thank you for your kind words, today we reached a new online record !

our changelog is still active and we focus on making the server more friendly to new players and clans.

new players are able to get shadow dynasty +16 weapons&armors for free (7-day duration).  also by tomorrow every single raid boss will have drops (minimum crp 890)


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