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Grand Opening 24 March 2018  Time : 18:00 GMT+2


EXP : x1200
SP : x1200
Adena: x (Custom)
Drop: x (Custom)
Spoil: x (Custom)


Safe Enchant +4
Maximum Enchant +25
Normal Scrolls Rate : 75%
Blessed Scrolls Rate : 90%
Victoria Scrolls Rate : 100%  (After +20 Varies% )


High Life Stone Rate : 10% Chance
Top Life Stone Rate : 20% Chance
Active Passive Augment Skill 1-1
Augment Weapons can be traded !


Interlude Custom Server
Custom Start Up
Main Town Victoria Area
Easy-Normal-Hard Areas
Vote System
Every 1 Hour Voting For New PvP Area
Custom Raid Bosses Rank System (25 RaidBosses)
Epic Boss Zones
Balanced Classes
Balanced Classes (passive skills)
Unique Gameplay
Nexus Event Engine With Many Event's
Starting Lv* 80
Sub Class Lv* 80
Buff Slot: 36 + 4 De-buff
Custom High Five Buffs
Max SubClasses 3
Max Clan on alliance 3
PvP/PK Color System
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Loot
Full Working Wedding
L2j off Paid Geodata + Pathnodes
Many More Features!


Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match
Olympiad Period 1 week [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 ]


Custom Gk
Custom Buffer
Raid Manager
Skill Enchanter
Siege Manager
Bounty Hunter
Sub Manager
Npc Vote Manager
Fashion Shop
Augment Manager
General Shop
Misc Merchant
Armor Merchant
Weapons Dealer
Player Ranking
Symbol Manager
Event Manager
Olympiad Manager
Password Manager
Raid Boss Status
Clan Hall Manager
Donate Shop


Custom Level 1 Armor {Titanium Set Startup Armor}
Custom Level 2 Armor {Dynasty Set}
Custom Level 3 Armor {Victoria Set}
Custom Hat's : Level 1
Custom Hat's : Level 2 Droped From RaidBosses Rank 5
Custom Shields
Special Custom Tattoo's {Fighter-Mage} + AIO Tattoo
Custom Weapons
Custom Level 1 Weapons {Titanium Set Startup Weapons}
Custom Level 2 Weapons {Victoria Weapons}
Custom Level 3 Weapons {Victoria Weapons Ability }
You can ad special ability at your custom weapon.
Custom Jewels
Ring Of Wrath {Level 1}
Earring Of Wrath {Level 1}
Neclace Of Wrath {Level 1}
Ring Of Fortitude {Level 1}
Earring Of Fortitude {Level 1}
Neclace Of Fortitude {Level 1}
Ring Of Wrath {PvP} {Level 2}
Earring Of Wrath {PvP} {Level 2}
Neclace Of Wrath {PvP} {Level 2}
Ring Of Fortitude {PvP} {Level 2}
Earring Of Fortitude {PvP} {Level 2}
Neclace Of Fortitude {PvP} {Level 2}
Raid Boss Jewles {TOP}
Necklace of the Undying
Azwraith's Earring
Hecarim's Earring
Amarok's Ring
Ring Fafurion


Crystal of Wrath {To Make Weapon With Ability}
Clan Reputation Coin
Noble Potion
Reward Box
Herb Of The Farmer
Hero Coin
Gold-Silver Coin
PvP Coin
Vote Coin
Scroll of Clan Reputation
Event Medal
Soulfire (Droped Pvp Zone)


.votepanel{PvP Zone}



Website : http://l2victoria.com/

Forum : http://l2victoria.com/forum/

Edited by L2Victoria

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where did you get this pack from? even some of the npcs have THE EXACT SAME NAME. also if you are going to steal perseus files why didnt you at least steal the mobs? they are way better than whatever ones you are using lol

furthermore this is a pretty outdated rev of perseus and i doubt you corrected anything

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Thank you for your good words, 

6 Days left for the grand opening, we are waiting you all to our server. 

Also our new event's is lottery event and siege event with nice rewards. 

Here is our forum page : http://l2victoria.com/forum/  join to our community and check for news and updates. 

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2 hours ago, Reborn12 said:

Good luck mate.. one of the best custom servers

Thank you for your good word's.

1 Day left for the G.O 

Forum here : http://l2victoria.com/forum/

Event's Here : http://l2victoria.com/forum/index.php?/forum/5-events/



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Some hour's left for our grand opening , we are waiting you all!

Download our patch from here : http://www.mediafire.com/file/033mv0gk4jp0kbc/Victoria+Patch+v1.rar

Or here : https://mega.nz/#!WZdQkC5C!VfcJsDzofiIxZhFhBEOSjGErMNtD3bXMKegnFa5RERo

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Then ppl stop copy halisha descriptions..



Primarily, project Victoria is unique, it is not just interlude custom server, it's new game based on Interlude client with some of High Five features. Server developed to give player much fun as possible it include gameplay for solo players and party or clan.

We are develope new game mechanic, unique gameplay , reworked all necessery designs and functions.

Another reason to play at our server - comfortable game atmosphere, some farm, allot PvP !
Server Hosted by Infinity 

Join our Lineage world to feel the satisfaction of discovering somethink new while playing somethink nostalgic and familiar at the same time.
It's not just a game it's an infection!
Powered by CuteNew

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Worst server in the world..full unbalance and full of corruption..1st time on my life i see titan with frenzy/zealot/x2 might to hit mage 1k crit and mage hit titan 2k normal..2017 and u guys still failing..i feel so sad srsly

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