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WTS Java Services & Code templates

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I'm offering Java Services for any chronicle in a decent price.  I'll also upload some template system such as "Tournament System", "Dynamic Faction with Bases", "League of Legend Event standalone", e.t.c.



-Paypal, E-banking  

Trust issues:

-You don't have to pay whole amount of requested money before the code, you can pay like a 30-40% and the rest of the money after we are done. You can also ask/speak to any of my clients on skype. 

Shared Codes:

-Unlike many people i've noticed i never work with shared stuff neither other's work. If you notice even a line that is shared you can take your money back and report me anytime. Any system i make is being written live on your computer via teamviewer or any other software you might like. 


My skype:  gamepsychology94

Make sure to check my new Phantom Engine (It's under development): 


Custom Mods - Code Templates (You will get the .diff directly to your skype and i'll help you to install it)

1. Lock down monsters

When a player hit a monster, the monster is locked on this player. No other player can damage(Lower HP) this monster unless X seconds pass without locker player hit the monster or if the attacker is in same party with the locker player).  Price: 7e


2. Bind Location

You can bind your town location to specific NPC and when you click "To Village" and only if you meet requirements (No participating in event or olympiad or karma), you will get respawned back in the binded town. There is XML configuration that you can setup your towns, your respawn locations and your item that are needed per town to be binded on. View xml here). Price: 10e


3. Jurassic Town Event

(Every X minute/hour a random town that you have configured is attacked by group of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs randomly hit players and summons until time expire. If dinosaurs die before they exctinct, players who are inside that town receive automaticaly X rewards.  Announcements of casualities and the end and alive dino on each kill are sended to in town players. Event is configured by XML and configs. View xml here) Price: 25


4. Tournament Party Event 

A party (2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 7v7) vs another party. It create matches automatic on manager and has all proper checks in case a player disconnect or time runs out to give victory or tie. Also matches are running simultaneously, this mean after for example 2v2 starts, it get replaced by a new one immediately. Price: 50


5. Kamaloka for aCis with Instance Engine

Kamaloka instance in aCis or any interlude project you want (Easy adjustable). Also it has fully Instance Engine from High Five, this mean it create Instances dynamic or via xml parse. Consider the real kamaloka's monster does not exist in Interlude client so you either have to replace with some custom (downloaded) or with some other interlude's monster you like. Price: 40


6. Vote Poll (Imgur)

Admin can create a vote poll (Range of question is dynamic though html, for example he can set 2 or 3 or 4 or 10 but minimum is 2), and broadcast it to all players. Players are able to vote and the results will return as html back to all admin-GM in server.  Price: 20


7. Easter Egg (Pastebin XML)

When a player detect an easter egg he can type /reaster and if he meet the requirment of easter (NpcId, Distance, NpcName, Items, Level e.t.c) the easter is been disabled and added to his collection. Easter can restart after X time if in config it has restartMs bigger than 0. You can request as many easters you want and however you want it. (Each easter will be extra money). Price 30



Player submit his twitch channel. If he stream more than x hour he get reward per minute/hour for his streaming (as long as the game title is Ex. Lineage 2: Interlude and title is ex. L2Elite). Price 40



Player can vote in any site (Topzone, Hopzone, Network). Any time he want he visit NPC, select which site he want and if he has vote he will automaticaly receive reward. 

The reward items along with reward buffs are fully configurable with chance and enchant for items. Price 40


10. Healer Assist PvP

Healers will earn PvP too for healing person (Considering healer is close enough and has a decent amount of heal) Price 12

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Very reliable and trustworthy developer. Excellent at his job. I've been working with him since early September. Very nice person (i've met him irl to talk business). His prices are good and fair.

Recommended for anyone who wants to do a perfect project.

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Added new mods check them out.


17 hours ago, Crytek ™ said:

Trusted Guy, Fast fix problem! 



On 5/10/2017 at 10:04 PM, Vegas said:

Trusted guy,we are working on my Gracia Epilogue files together lately!
Fast - Skilled - Unique

Thank you both, i appreciate.

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14 minutes ago, Saruman said:


As Mr SweetS said nicely it's a auto-mini global event. It's just random towns selected and dinos spawn (Using the routes.xml) to move into the center of town.

Once they reach the last route they search for victims base on their knownlist. A question you could do now is for proper checks like, what if a player take the dinos out of town. That could be fixed in a easy way to check distance from zone and teleport dino back to town but i prefer let it like this cause in the end if nobody kill the dinos people wont take rewards. 

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We just start a new Interlude Pack! 3 reason to start to work with this guy!
1 . Very good cooperation
2 . New Ideas (about how you want to make something special)
3 . He gives you confidence at the first contact!
Insert other media
I fully recommend it to you ;)

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we have been working together for over a year and a half with this child we had good cooperation Perhaps many have offended him because he is a great talent  java code

as usual here in a professional do not say a good word

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