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On 12/03/2018 at 6:59 PM, lordofdest said:



First of all thank you for the great tool, sorry the reaction I wanted to thanks, but my mouse is bad and gave two clicks and ended the reaction, I tried to change to thanks more, it was not, I'll keep trying to change.
I have some doubts regarding the ukx to save her being recognized by l2 after saving?
I downloaded and put the system folder contained in the file inside my Interlude client, but it is giving an error when opening the editor.
Sorry my bad english I'm using a translator

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Editor crashes if you want to edit terrain layers (for example grass layers). or am i doing somethig wrong?




a few more bugs:


- camera view angle changes position sometimes when just klicking somewhere

- selecting several static meshes results in moving selected meshes in random directions

- retail environment sounds randomly stop working after editing the map several times

- retail coronas of lightsources wont work after editing the map aswell.... on the other hand new created ones do work!? :O

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