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WTS [Skelth] Prophet lvl 42

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Like the title says


- Prophet lvl 42  with 20 days subs

   DW learned

   rune 100xp 2h

   12 high grade scroll exp

   20 medium grade scroll exp

   20 normal grade scroll exp

     5 items 100% exp .


Add me on skype v.herrera.la or pm here.

Payment via Paypal





SWS 41(naked)    25eu SOLD

- sub until November 19th 

- 100% exp rune + 12high xp scroll


Prophet lvl 67  ----------------------------> 120eu   or 105kk ( if you have any other price in mind just pm me)     SOLD

- All skills learned (haste, DW, GM, GS included).

- Divine Set Jewels C grade

- Weapon D grade with Iss' Magic Regen lvl 6.

- 600 Attendance coins .

- Rare Accessory BOX 15 day -  Orfen, QA, Core. [ ready to open ]

- Subscription till October 14th.


Bladedancer lvl 58  12% ----------------------->  85eu  or 75kk       SOLD

- All skills learned.

- Theca Set  and Jewels C grade.

- Weapon of event (no grade).


Warlock lvl 52 naked -------------------------> 25eu or 21kk

- Subscription till October 7th.


Prophet 40(naked)+

-  2weeks + subs



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