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A server made by players for players.

We are here for make one big community with big online stats and many online players to play at our servers. L2EoE {Pvp-No Custom} will run first and after that project we have plan for a second mid rate no craft/quest server . 

We accept any opinion bad or well for our server feature. Be Ready guys. 


*Experience Rates : x1000

*Sp Rates : x1000

*Party Exp: x1.3

*Party Sp: x1.3

*Adena: x1 (Customize)

*Drop Item Karma: x15


Event Engine




Server Features

*Server Auto Vote Reward System with Vote Coins (L2topzone,L2.hopzone, l2network

*Custom New Player Spawn

*All items on {GM-SHOP} With Adena

*Flawless Geodata

*Instant Development

*Auto Loot

*No Auto Loot On Raids

*Auto Learn All Skills

*Announce Raid Spawn

*Active Staff

*Wedding System

*Custom Farm Zones

*Custom Mage & Fighter Tattoo

*2 Custom Shield

*No weight limit

*No grade penalty

*Subclass without quest

*Subclass starting 80lvl

*Max Subclasses = 4

*You can add any subclass in Maximilian (All classes there)

*Max Clan in Alliance = 2

*Class Balance Perfect

*PvP Color System

*Anti-Feed System

*Castle Sieges Work (Every Week)

*Olympiad System Work 

*Heroes Every 1 Week

*Main Town - Talking Island

*PvP Areas - Change every 1 hour 

*Active/Passive = 1+1

*Lifestone Mid/High/Top skill chance (5%/10%/15%)


Custom NPC

*GM-SHOP A-S grade with Consumables

*Global Gatekeeper

*Custom Buffer with ressist (Buff slot 60)

*Top PVP/PK/CLAN etc

*Class changer

*Boss manager


*Skill Enchanter

*Vote Manager

*Castle Manager

*Symbol Manager

*Password Manager

*Custom Shop

*Olympiad Rank

*Olympiad Manager

Enchant System

Safe Enchant Armor/Jewel/Weapon = 6

Max Enchant Weapon/Armor/Jewel = +16 With Blessed Scroll/Normal Scroll

Max Enchant Weapon/Armor/Jewel = +20 With Crystal Scroll (If Enchant Failed Enchant Goes To Blessed Enchant Maximum)

Normal Enchant Scroll rate = 55%

Blessed Enchant Scroll rate = 90%

Crystall Enchant Scroll rate = 80%


Raid Boss System

(Raid Boss Manager With Raid Bosses Spawn At Main Town)

(Raid Boss Spawn Announce)

No Auto Loot At Raid Bosses.
All Raid Boss Areas Are AUTOFLAG.
Hero Boss :
Noblesse Boss:
Ares Boss:
Gaia Boss:
Hephestus Boss:
Apollo Boss:
Hermes Boss:


Hades Boss:
Zeus Boss:
Special Droplist At Our Raid Bosses.
Also Special Stats At Our Raid Bosses.
-L2EoE Staff.
Stay Tuned
Website: L2EoE.com (Coming Soon)
Forum: L2EoE.com/Forum (Coming Soon)
Edited by Lineage2EoE

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5 hours ago, 'Baggos' said:
5 hours ago, 'Baggos' said:

Class balance perfect..

So, I can play with dwarf or dancer class in pvp?

It is not 100% but it we have nice balance, you will see it at G.O. 

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