Legendary Eternal Sin [Poll]

Legendary Eternal Sin [Poll]  

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  1. 1. Which one server is like the old eternal sin ingame npc gameplay etc? write me and the reason if you vote. Respect to (es-l2.com)

    • http://es-l2.org/ [Owner-ZOUMHS] (L2Java)
    • http://es-l2.eu/ [Owner-Natzugen] (L2OFF)

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16 hours ago, Natzugen said:

I would like to give you some friendly suggestions ^_^

What you need to do immediately before creating such a poll.

  • Fix your website;
  • Fix your server balance;
  • Change your GM Shop;
  • Add AIO System;
  • Change your whole NPC's (Not that necessary)
  • Open your forum for guests. You are not a TOP Project with 1000+ online.

This is for now. Later i can give you another friendly suggestions.

thanks for our reply but you have try the beta? anyway join us at grand opening and see the balance and all other features. already one clan GR 24 players old es fans they have searching the beta almost 1 month so i have fixed all the reports. now i have to report friendly this one link for you, http://forum.pmfun.com/viewtopic.php?t=70829 you need to search better next time if you want to use the name (eternal sin) have a nice day :) 

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19 minutes ago, Natzugen said:

This is just a hater from your server did the link and wrote such a pointless text:D He just wasted much time ti write something like that:D

I am really happy that there is too much haters of my project. We will see your Grand Opening & Mine :).  Also i recommend you to stop connecting to my server and making there spam of your trash okay? Otherwise you won't start your server. (I am sure you understand what i mean).

I never login in our server im not a kid 20years old, why to login to see what? sorry but if you feel a profasional admin to give a ddos to my server you are already fail as owner. its not a problem for me i can make a delay and i will write in forum the reason why,  ddos and out website and i can open it like octomber, november december what ever, anyway good luck. 

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