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WTS Ramona Heal 100/wynn 101 With Items For Sale

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Selling healer 100lv/wynn es 101 in ramona server
* +4 Eternal robe set 1800att
* Apocalypse retributer +5 300att
* PvP BElt
* Venyr 7lvl
* Tauti ring,zaken
* 5slots brooch with 4lvl diamond/4lvl sapphire/4lvl pear/3lvl opsidian/3lvl opal/3lvl aquamarine/3lvl ruby/3lvl tanzanite
* Lot of materials,attribute stones/crystals,some ewr and other stuff
To finish 3rd part of exalted left dagger enchantment(i gave up after 70ewr)learned skill's on dual class freezing invoke and elemental's call,will give additional accounts:SOS 99lv,ISS (PRP) 101 with POM,summoner's 89,94lvl
Contact info: streindz1 (skype id)

i'm not selling items separately from account!

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