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Source H5 L2Mythras Files - Sources, Compiled, Geo, Patch.

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Hello Guys!!   As the title said, here are the screenshot of this server (who failed twice this year) and links:         So basically this pack is almost the same as L2Ava, but this server have some other stuff added like Auto cp, hp... etc.   Here are the links:       Enjoy it!!   Updated: Added .sh files for gameserver on Compiled pack and sources pack.

It doesn't have it at all.   I had this sources from Mythras server when they were live for more than 6 month. We never got any report of backdoor or something suspicious on our server log.   I know some people were saying this pack have backdoor, but they did it just to kick people out using this pack to avoid screw up their business selling this pack.   So be confidence to use it. That's why I shared the sources, so you can take a look the code and try to find any

xaxa and what is base source of this pack Rebellion (russian team) ... btw I have no intention of you or your life story  I finished with you .

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On 17/8/2017 at 4:06 AM, big man bill said:

Who can addapt the dress system from this to IL ? PM. 


Are u willin to pay the price frodo?

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On 28/8/2017 at 1:41 AM, big man bill said:

Ofc. Pm with price and how much will take to finish it.


Theres other payment methods, If you know what i mean :dat

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35 minutes ago, JayBro said:

1.tons of bugs


3.nothing special

1. easy to be fixed

2. easy to be removed

3. for you maybe :D

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