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Source Fandc/ro-Team H5-L2Ava Files Sources.

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Hi MXC Community.   I'm just going to leave those files here because I saw some people selling this files as their "Own Work".   So lets take a look what this pack have:          Those screenshots is just part of the MODs of this pack have, also this pack was used for L2Ava project in 2015.   So here are the links:     Enjoy it..!!!   Cheers 

You can add converter inside target pack for making SQL version of data while XML files is parsing. And after to use in your project processed data via SQL dump. You should add sql query for saving parsed data into SQL table (in requires format) in the ending each parsing iterations.   There is no difficult for implementation. Around 30-40 new lines of code.

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On 24/8/2017 at 9:40 AM, as0ka said:

Hello , i have a question for a teleport to raidboss and monsters  from comunity board , how i can make this to work?

Hi...In (GameServer/Config/CommunityPvP/board_manager)   I  Have This       DropCalculatorDisabledTeleport = 18282, 18283, 18284,........... Check This!!!

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On 8/27/2017 at 9:08 AM, Natzugen said:

I saw someone here told that this pack includes Phantom players. Is there any way to turn it on? Just curious, wanna see how it looks like

It doesn't.

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how can I load geodata by sector, ie example;


# Dimension maps
GeoFirstX = 11
GeoFirstY = 10
GeoLastX = 26
GeoLastY = 26

# Template file geodata
GeoFilesPattern = (\\d{2}_\\d{2})\\.l2j

AllowGeodata = False

# Allow the player to fall from the horizontal wall if he clicks on the wall itself
AllowFallFromWalls = True

#Motion keyboard (arrows)
AllowMoveWithKeyboard = True

# Increase to Z for packages
ClientZShift = 16

# Optimization of geodata in memory, saves about 150MB memory
# Optimization should first need to generate a map of matches
CompactGeoData = True

# The minimum difference between the layers
MinLayerHeight = 64

# The maximum height of the step for geodata
MaxZDiff = 64

# Diagonal Search
# It should be disabled only for debugging
PathFindDiagonal = True

#Smooths the way #
# It should be disabled only for debugging
PathClean = True

# Strongly accelerates the search, the effect on the quality of unknown
# 0 - off, 1 - is just the beginning, 2 - the beginning and the end of the road
PathFindBoost = 2

# The maximum height of the step to find a way
PathFindMaxZDiff = 32

# The maximum time allowed to spend on the search path (in nanoseconds)
PathFindMaxTime = 100000000

# Configure the buffers to find a way, the number of x size of the map (in cages geodata)
# Minimum 96, maximum - 512
PathFindBuffers = 8x96;8x128;8x160;8x192;8x256;4x288;4x320;2x384;1x512

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7 hours ago, roukounas123 said:

i try to compile again the pack and cant.. say build server fail...


And do you know how to read the log at least?,  there can tell you whats the problem buddy!!

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