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Maxcheaters.com Upgrading To Latest Ips Version

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Maxcheaters is scheduled to be upgraded in 1 month from now. Possible ETA is at 10/07/2017 DD/MM/YY , 


This will include:


1) New forum structure based on new IPS forum suite.

2) New forum theme, based on new IPS. 

3) New permissions and membergroups made from scratch.


It is possible that all feedbacks, awards, and custom nicknames will be reset (deleted).


All outdated modifications will be replaced with new features!



At that time , you may notice some downtime until upgrade. 

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- Status: Upgrading Phase 1/3:

 Testing Database , and checking everything is normal , debugging errors (if any) on local server.


- Status:  Phase 2/3: Cleanup Database (shrinking)

Removing useless topics/posts , emptying Recycle Bin - Jankyard Posts, Old categories/Subcategories which were hidden. Making database smaller for upgrade easier. 

Cleaning all tables , removing old unused tables, and unused files from ftp.

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