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L2Era= L2Destiny,dragon,lionna?

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On 4/2/2019 at 4:04 PM, AchYlek said:

Saga is parth of mouse too, 


I heard brazon left mouse team lf confirm 


Really nigga? Cmon you know urself is not even true!!

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Why you guys discuss so much about all the server and the admins?

Being admin of a server is business, even if it is corrupted or not. If you have good ROI then you are a successful businessman.

If you don't like this god damn game and you think it is corrupted or full of bots, stop cry and play something else.


You are not players, you are not developers, you are not owners. You are just babies that crying on a forum about how strong your enemies are because they use bot or the admin gave them items. Accept the facts, stop spam, download game and play or just leave and play something else for god shake.

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