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WTS [Core] Wts Main Tyrr Titan 104 / Dual Othell Wind Rider 103

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WTS main Tyrr Titan 104lvl /dual class Othel Wind Rider 103lvl with e-mail

Tyrr - 20Abiliti Points

Othel - 19Abiliti Points



1.Tyrr Titan - +5 STR +1 Dex

+5 STR +1 Dex

+5 STR +5 CHA

2.Othel Wind Rider +5 STR +4 CHA

+5 STR +4 CHA

+5 STR + 1 DEX

Chars have many items for exp (runes 200%exp for 1month x2) , many vitaliti potions and drop rate runes.

-Brooches 4slots

-Amethyst lvl 3

-Red Cat lvl 3

-Vital Stone lvl 3

-Garnet lvl 3

-Ruby lvl 2

-Obsidian lvl 2

-Tanzanite lvl 3

Have shirt :

-Shiny Elemental Shirt +10

-Physical Reflect Shirt +10


Have bracelet 6slots - very rare item


Chars have enchanted skills

Othel Wind Rider have +14,+15,+16 enchanted skill blows

all other have enchant lvl 10/11


Have giant agumentation in weapon:

-giant critical weaknes (90% crit dmg )

-giant power crit dmg +15% for 5 min (reuse 30s)

-giant increase max HP ,CP 10%

Have agumentation for olymipad:

-Bless the body

-Refresh skills

-Reflect dmg


Have done Exalted quest lvl 1 and more items for 2lvl

Have many cards in bestiary (top helios,antharas,valakas)

Character dont have enemy and have normal nick.

Have paulina equipment set r grade 30d for new players




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