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First time in Lineage II Hardcore history we open real x50 Mid rates server! 


Lineage II Hardcore - Battle for Glory
Complete Daily achievements for Adena, capture Daily Top Player spot for fame! Hunt Champion monsters, make a PvP Killing Spree's!

Strengthen your character & feel the perfect balance! Slay bosses, force on Epics, call your friends, join our community and just follow us!

Hardcore is calling you, don't miss it!

Doors is opening LIVE on [Friday May 12]!



















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Acis is leading l2j platform , i take it as a compliment not as a critic , everything revorked and working brilliant so far on beta , all our custom features (made and intergrated by *erlandys) with no errors whatsover and server is stable and on full funcionality. Predjedgment is not based on your personal expieirence on the gameplay , come and try us  ,then we can talk more and discuss what is good what is bad , good luck!

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Same server with last year's x120?

I remember same server existed with the images being almost same

Hello ,  our project existing for over a year now, we had first start on 120x and l2jfrozen pack , which was not a good idea for mid rate server , therefore we moved on on acis  which is much more stable so far and revorked it in the way we want to see it , and optimised to x50 rate just to go throw gameplay more joyfull and to use advantage over fully working quests and our feautres  , thanks to *acis we able to have stable server and we ready for start. on 12th of may.  

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